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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Making America Great Again - President Elect Trump's First Interview, Will Not Oust Bashar Assad

This is Donald Trump's first inerview, given to the Wall Street Journal yesterday Friday Nov 11, 2016.  My snippets here :


first interview since election earlier this week

Obama’s health initiative unworkable, expensive, “you can’t use it.”
  • Other urgent priorities : deregulating financial institutions 
  • to allow “banks to lend again” 
  • securing the border against drugs, illegal immigrants
create jobs through nationwide infrastructure projects 
improved international trade deals. 
preserve jobs by imposing tariffs on U.S. companies that relocate overseas 
reducing incentive to move plants abroad

Trump placing high priority on bringing country together.
I want a country that loves each other, Trump said

best way to ease tension would be to “bring in jobs” 
I want to solve health care, jobs, border control, tax reform
Obamacare will be amended, repealed and replaced, Trump said.

declined to identify a single top priority : “I have a lot of first priorities.”

Trump said he has heard from most leaders

he hadn’t yet spoken with Chinese President Xi Jinping. 

he said he got a 'beautiful letter' from Putin 
phone call between them is scheduled shortly 

Trump  to shift away from Obama policy to find moderate Syrian groups 

“I’ve had an opposite view of many people regarding Syria,” he said.  

suggested sharper focus on fighting ISIS 
rather than ousting Basher Assad

  • you’re fighting Syria
  • Syria fighting ISIS
  • you have to get rid of ISIS
  • Russia aligned with Syria
  • Iran aligned with Syria
  • we’re backing rebels against Syria
  • we have no idea who these people are

If the U.S. attacks Assad, Trump said, “we end up fighting Russia, fighting Syria.”

domestic policy - Dodd-Frank financial law “tremendous burden to banks”
“We have to get rid of it or make it smaller.
Banks are unable to lend. 
It’s made our country noncompetitive. 
It’s slowed down growth
He said people who have money not affected by increased financial regulations. 

people who are good, need money to open business can’t borrow from banks

My comments : This is a fantastic first interview. Not only is Trump making friendly gestures at Putin and Russia but he does NOT want to overthrow Bashar Assad in Syria.  

Donald Trump realises that there is only one common enemy in Syria ie ISIS.  
The enemy is NOT Bashar Assad, Shiahs or Vladimir Putin. 
Watch out Saudi Arabia and all their supporters.

This means a complete realignment between the US, Russia, China, Iran, Syria and Iraqover Syria.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia have just been shafted by Mr Trump's statement. 
It also leaves the Brits feeling windy in the wrong place.   

The Kurds may get a Kurdistan sooner than expected somewhere in that area. 

Trump is also "complaining" that Chinese President Xi Jinping has not called him yet. I think Xi Jinping will be calling Trump soon.  

I believe the best part is Trump's focus on the Dodd-Frank financial laws which Trump says has made it difficult for people to borrow money from banks. When people cannot borrow, productivity and economic growth will be slowed. 

Looking good. 

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