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Monday, November 28, 2016


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Here is even more stupid news. 

Both Zakir Naik and our Ministry of Home Affairs have denied that Zakir Naik has been given Malaysian citizenship. Here is the Star :

  • PJ: Zakir Naik said he was never granted M'sian citizenship. 
  • Dep Home Min. Nur Jazlan denied report
  • saying M'sia did not grant automatic citizenship to anyone
  • Pulai MP said to become citizen was lengthy process 
  • he did not think Zakir would want to become a citizen
Well as is common to this species both Zakir Naik and Nur Jazlan are not telling the whole truth.

Folks Zakir Naik has been granted Permanant Resident status through the "Malaysia My 2nd Home Program".   Malaysia is now Zakir Naik's 2nd Home. Now lets see whether Zakir Naik and Nur Jazlan can deny this.

We have granted a village idiot PR status in our country.   

Here is my suggestion. Whichever moron Tan Sri or Dato Sri Bodoh who approved Zakir Naik's PR application should be investigated   

"under Section 124C of the Penal Code for activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy and the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 or Sosma."

Because this guy is banned in Bangladesh which associates him with extremist and violent groups, he is not welcome in Singapore - our neighbour, and he is banned as well as possibly facing criminal charges in India, his home country. 

So why the hell are we giving this type of character PR Status and allowing him 'Malaysia My 2nd Home' status?

Malaysia My 2nd Home is NOT meant for terrorist preachers or mentors of ISIS suicide bombers.  

Pasai apa Tan Sri dan Dato Sri ketuanan Melayu kita semua bodoh macam tah_ lembu?

And here is the news that I want Nur Jazlan to deny.  

Talk is that Zakir Naik is bringing his team (15 people, plus or minus) to set up a broadcasting center in Malaysia.

What the hell for? So that he can preach his extremism and false religion to our neighbouring countries? 

How would you like it if a neighboring country allowed another psycho to set up a TV station or radio station and allow the psycho to broadcast extremist and violent ideas into our country? 

I repeat - hangpa ini semua bodoh secara natural ke? 

Memang DNA corrupted tahap bodoh pintu? 

Zakir Naik runs the so called "Peace TV" from Qatar.  This is a Salafi funded TV. Qatar is a major center of Salafism and until now is a crony, client state of the United States. 

This Peace TV is nothing more than a Salafi  outfit, which Ayub Khan of Bukit Aman would know very well. These are the champions of Ibnu Taymiyyah.

Other than Zakir Naik the other speakers who appear on Peace TV include Salafists like Salem Al Aamry, Assim Al Hakeem,  Yusuf Estes, Abdur  Rahim Green, Yasir Qadhi, Bilal Phillips, Yahya Ibrahim and one Chinese muallaf from Malaysia (whose name also sounds like Tee but it is not Tee.)

These are all psycho Salafis.  And many of these folks are also linked to the Al Maghrib Institure - a super duper insane Salafi outfit. You can see their website here.

And do you know who is the Salafi outpost in Malaysia? Its called the M___y Mission Malaysia.

So Tan Sri Bodoh and Dato Seri tah_ lembu in the KDN, the Majlis Keselamatan Negara, the Imigresen, in the gomen etc  engko around dah tak reti cakap omputih. Dah tak paham apa benda sedang berlaku dalam dunia.  

You wouldnt know a Yusuf Estes from an Osama bin Laden, until the building falls on the head of your second wife, or third wife. Then what will you do? Look for wife No 4?

The problem for the Salafis now is Donald Trump. Donald Trump wants America to reformulate its entire foreign policy. Donald Trumo has made it clear, 'we have to go to the root of the problem. We cannot have Arab school children being taught to hate others as part of their school education or indoctrination in their schools'. 

This means Donald Trump will also be putting severe pressure on terrorist funders like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan and Iran. 

And outfits like Zakir Naik's Peace TV in Qatar will possibly suffer some side effects.  They may be kicked out of Qatar soon.
Just like when the Hamas leadership was asked to leave Egypt and also Qatar. And what did they say? Some of the Hamas fellows said they already had PR status in Malaysia.  Again they were granted PR status through the abuse of the Malaysia My 2nd Home program (abuse by the Tan Sri bodohs and the Dato Seri tah_ lembus.)

So that is why Zakir Naik is preparing to move his broadcast team to Malaysia. Because the super bodoh's in gomen here welcome all the trash from all around the world. 


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