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Monday, November 28, 2016

Monash makes up for blundering, thanks to Kukathas’ wise words

YOURSAY | ‘‘Is the country really worth saving?’ My take, ‘I shall die trying.’’
Anonymous 2350931441161169: Well done, comedian Jo Kukathas.
You have delivered an excellent address to a group of future leaders of the country, reminding them that they have to be actively involved in charting the future of the nation for the benefit of the future generations and not let shameless alleged thieves and idiots decide the future for them.
What an excellent commencement address. I am sure the Monash University Malaysia graduands will remember her timely advice and the eventful Bersih day.
FellowMalaysian: What Jo has just done is taking the best shot so far right in the belly of Monash University.
Anonymous 2441811478183768: We live now in an era of fear. Fear of being heard for saying what is right and just, or seen protecting these rights. Oh yes, we are living in a police state all right.
The Analyser: Fear has always been an integral part of Malaysian society. But it’s not parked outside your gates as Kukathas suggests. It’s much closer than that.
It’s on your mother's knee where she instils the accumulated paranoias of thousands of years of ignorance and repression. It’s the fear that is peddled by religious authorities in their places of 'worship'.
It’s the fear that prevents Malaysians from being individuals with their own opinions and from voicing those opinions. It’s the fear that prevents individualism and innovation, it’s the fear of fear itself.
As is so often the case in Malaysia, the Special Branch car parked outside your front gate is just the government's response to the knowledge that Malaysians generate their own fear-driven society.
Korkor: My mother did not instil fear into me but rather, she instilled discipline into me and that's why I have the guts to take part in Bersih 5 and to express my displeasure at this government which makes people fear them rather than making people love them.
Anonymous 346311443715783: Fear is an obstacle that prevents us from growing and moving forward.
Abasir: Each time I see or hear Jo, I remember her father, K Das, whose episodic presence (or should I say, incursions) on stage was as riveting and memorable as his journalistic exploits.
By faithfully walking in his footsteps and fighting almost the same demons as he did, she perhaps reminds us that the relatively mild crookedness and chicanery that concerned her father and decent Malaysians then, is now in its terrible ‘ketuanan’ avatar - requiring a continuation of the struggle.
However, the question that never confronted Das now awaits an answer - is the country really worth saving?
Hang Tuah PJ: Abasir, "Is the country really worth saving?" My take, "I shall die trying."
I am a mother of four. The first time I attended the rallies was at Bersih 3 where I was tear-gassed and chemical-sprayed. Then it was many other rallies like Blackout 505 and so on.
For Bersih 4, two of my children and three nieces decided that if I, an old lady, can go and rally for their future, they could also play their part.
Inspired by this, all my children, nieces, brothers-in-law, son-in-law and nephews turned out in yellow. Some mothers mollycoddle, some mothers nurture. Don’t put all of us in one basket.
Rupert16: Good one, Jo. Our younger generation should learn to voice and speak up against corruption, misgovernance, injustice and oppression by the government so as not to repeat the mistakes done by previous generations in fearing the government.
Onlooker: Yes, excellent words. Well said, Jo Kukathas, if even only 10 percent of your audience take them to heart, it will be a good start.
Roguekiller: Jo, thanks for delivering your indirect-hitting message. The students are educated and our future hopefuls, they surely got your message loud and clear.
Nehru: What a coincidence. Whilst Monash University banned students from participating in Bersih 5 with a hammer, Jo slammed it with a sledgehammer.
It must have broken their egos that they had to listen to wisdom from a comedian.
Tok karut: Monash University makes up for blundering, thanks to Jo Kukathas.
Old Planter: Indeed, very wise words, Jo. Well done and I hope your message goes far beyond the Monash University convocation hall to all our Malaysian youth out there.
Roger 5201: "Don't wait for someone else to save the world, please, save it yourself." A poignant reminder of our current reality.
SpecialBrew: Monash University says you can't contribute in saving the world while studying here. Each student has to save himself or herself first by staying away from trouble.
Jo says don't wait for someone else to save our country, please, do what you can in making our country a better place for everyone.
Every single time you help do your part, you are helping humanity rise.
Gaji Buta: I started reading this article by thinking what kind of university invites a comedian to give its convocation speech? Aren't there more suitable candidates for such an important event and inspire the graduates?

Coming to the end of the article, I concluded that they had made a great decision-Mkini

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