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Friday, November 18, 2016

More arrested in pre-rally dragnet

Police detained six prominent figures ahead of the Bersih 5 and red-shirts rally tomorrow, with speculation rife that more may be held over the next few hours.
Among those arrested were Bersih chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah and Bersih secretariat member Mandeep Singh.
The pair was arrested after Bukit Aman police and the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) raided Bersih's office at abut 3pm in Petaling Jaya.
Bersih in a tweet said 10 computers, two mobile phones and documents related to their payroll and bank accounts were confiscated in the two-hour raid.
The action was under Section 124C of the Penal Code which concerns activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy.
Below is a brief chronology of the crackdown:
2.35pm - Seremban MP Anthony Loke detained by Bukit Aman police in KL
3.15pm - Bersih office raided by Bukit Aman and Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) in Petaling Jaya.
5.30pm - Maria Chin and Mandeep arrested at the Bersih office.
6.10pm - DAP activist Ronnie Liu, who was at Bukit Aman where Loke was being questioned, was detained by police and brought to the KL police headquarters.
6.30pm - Student activist Muhammad Luqman Nul Hakim Zul Razali was detained by police in Genting Sempah while on the way for a pre-Bersih function.
7.10pm - PSM committee member S Arutchelvan was detained at the PSM headquarters in Brickfields.
7.15pm - DAP members Jimmy Wong and Lee Khai Ming.
Though not all the arrests were related to Bersih, the detention would likely mean that those arrested would not be able to be present at the Bersih 5 rally tomorrow.
Loke was arrested under the Sedition Act 1948 for his speech calling for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to be “toppled” at last weekend's Pakatan Harapan convention.He was taken to Bukit Aman. Another DAP leader Liu who had also gone to Bukit Aman, was subsequently arrested under Section 157 of the Penal Code.

Section 157 of the Penal Code concerns creating provocation with the intent to cause riot.
Luqman Nul Hakim, was arrested under Section 147 for rioting.
However, the reason for Arutchelvan and Wong’s detention could not be ascertained.
According to a Suaram statement which quoted, Lee’s wife, several police personnel came to their house and said they were arresting him for rioting.
NamePositionArrested under?
Maria Chin AbdullahBersih chairpersonPenal Code Section 124C - Attempt to commit activity detrimental to parliamentary democracy.
Mandeep SinghBersih secretariat managerPenal Code Section 147 - Rioting
Anthony LokeSeremban MPSedition Act 1948
Ronnie LiuEx-S'gor exco memberPenal Code Section 153 - Wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause riot
Luqman Nul Hakim Zul RazaliStudent activistPenal Code Section 147 - Rioting
S ArutchelvanPSM committee member*To be confirmed

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