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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

NGO invites Adenan to attend Bersih rally

Movement for Change Sarawak says the CM should attend the rally and be with his people as he is the 'chief minister for all Sarawakians'.
PETALING JAYA: Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem has been invited by the Movement for Change Sarawak (MoCS) to attend the Bersih rally in Kuching on Nov 19.
In a statement, MoCS leader Francis Paul Siah said Adenan had often emphasised that he was the chief minister for all Sarawakians. Hence, he should be with his people who are attending the rally.
Siah said while MoCS supports the national Bersih’s five demands, its own theme for Bersih 5 was “We Love Sarawak” to show Sarawakian patriotism and love for the state.
“So Adenan, as the chief minister for all Sarawakians, should be with us as Bersih 5 is not an anti-government rally, but a mass display of patriotism of Sarawakians for their beloved homeland.”
“For MoCS, Bersih 5 is also a quest for a better deal for Sarawak from Putrajaya – something which Adenan has been clamouring for as well.”
“The chief minister is aware of the raw deal Sarawak has been getting from the Federal Government all these years. This must change.”
He added that Adenan could even address the Bersih 5 rally as a platform to garner support from Sarawakians in this quest for more autonomy for Sarawak.
Siah pointed out that Adenan had been striking the right chord with Sarawakians since he became chief minister in 2014, and by attending the Bersih 5 rally, he would be adding another feather in his cap as a liberal, moderate and visionary leader.
“Bringing back English, his continuous fight for more federal funding, and his push for greater autonomy for Sarawak are some of Adenan’s quests which have earned him wide support,” said Siah, adding however that Adenan’s actions must prove that he is truly a reformist.
“I have stated publicly many times that Adenan should be given a chance to reform Sarawak,” said Siah, adding that despite being criticised for making such a declaration, he was prepared to give Adenan the benefit of the doubt.
Since taking over as chief minister in 2014, Adenan has been aggressive in his pursuit of greater autonomy for Sarawak and devolution of powers from the federal to the state government.
He has also sought for better oil and gas rights from Putrajaya and national oil company Petronas.
The Bersih 5 rally in Kuching will be held in Jalan Taman Budaya, from 4pm to 11pm on Saturday. -FMT

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