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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Red-shirt Jamal says RM2.6b donation to Najib 'is different'

Red-shirts movement leader Jamal Md Yunos made his stance clear today on foreign powers meddling with the country’s affairs – that it should not occur at all.
This was among the reasons why he was up in arms over a small grant Malaysiakini had received from Open Society Foundation (OSF), which is linked to American billionaire George Soros.
Jamal even said that he would hold a demonstration with 20,000 people and even threatened that part of Malaysiakini’s building would be ‘runtuh’ (demolished) this Saturday.
Asked about the RM2.6 billion, said to be given by an Arab donor to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, Jamal merely said that foreign intervention and the donations were two separate things.
“What’s clear is who gave the donation - (in the case of Malaysiakini) it was Soros.
“If you compare this with the donation Najib received, it was donation given for the good of an Islamic government.
“But Soros gave funds to destroy a system. It has been proven in many countries that had gone through a revolution," Jamal said.
He said the opposition and electoral reform movment Bersih had purposely decided not to accept any explanation given on the RM2.6 billion donation.
“They only want to hear what they want to hear,” he added.
Najib has consistently denied any wrongdoing over the RM2.6 billion donation and denied that the funds, which were deposited into his personal bank accounts, were from his brainchild 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).
Attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali said earlier this year that the money was a gift from the Saudi royal family, and that most of it was subsequently returned.
However, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a civil suit in July, seeking the recovery of more than US$1 billion worth of assets, allegedly siphoned from 1MDB. Najib said the lawsuit does not involve him, the government or 1MDB directly.
China trip 'an extraordinary achievement'
Asked about Najib’s dealings with China on his current trip there, Jamal said it only showed Najib’s “extraordinary achievement”.
“Because any country in the world will welcome other countries to invest in its country for the economy. So congratulations to Najib who went to China.
“This shows that what the opposition has been saying is not true. (Look how) a superpower is giving trust to stimulate our economy,” he said.
On claims that the country was being sold, Jamal said those were nothing but mere claims.
“Because even (PKR lawmaker) Rafizi (Ramli) has said that they are only out to incite the rakyat in order to win the general election,” he said.

When the rakyat are given such bad perceptions, they would not see good in the things that the government does, no matter what, Jamal said.
“Anyone who says that Malaysia will be sold has been incited by the Pandan MP.”
Najib arrived in Beijing on Monday for a six-day official visit to China, aimed at strengthening the long-standing bilateral ties between the two countries.
The prime minister and Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang yesterday witnessed the signing of more than 10 agreements and memorandums of understanding between the two governments in the areas of defence, economy, agriculture, education, finance and construction.- Mkini

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