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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


First off I must say that I am not against all those Chinese investments coming into the country.
If you folks (including some of you Chinese) are worried that ‘the mainland Chinese will take over the country’ well its a little late in the day isnt it?
There are already seven million Chinese in the country, who make up a huge proportion of those ONLY 2.1 million taxpayers (out of a 14.6 million workforce) who pay the taxes that keeps the gomen functioning.  Income taxi-cally speaking more Chinese would mean more tax collection? No?
Plus the Chinese have also been given Singapore and Penang.  And they are both functioning quite well. Although Singapore has been ‘given away’ twice we can still go shopping on Orchard Road. Plus they are propping up Johor and are a solid complement to the Malaysian economy. We have not ‘lost’ Singapore. Its still there. We just need passports to cross the parit that “connects” us. Lets be positive.
If the Chinese are bringing in their own investment funds, or substantial portions of it, that is fine.  What should be worrying (as in the RM55 billion 620 km East Coast Rail Line) is when the Chinese are acting as BOT or BOOT contractors / investors (build, operate, transfer and build, operate, own, transfer) where the Malaysian people will ultimately end up paying the bill for the next 20 or 30 years.
Moron 1 says the rail line will cost RM55 BILLION. The Chinese company has said that the rail project costs RM46 BILLION.  Thats a difference of NINE BILLION RINGGIT !!

The Chinese are funding this project. We will have to pay for it over the next 20 years or more.
We will get cheated again if the project is “overprived” and kickbacks paid to Hippo and gang.
At RM55 billion it works out to RM88.7 million per kilometre.  If you Google ‘Cost of High Speed Rail in China’ you will find this:
Cost of HSR Lines (HSR means High Speed Rail)
An analysis of the cost for 27 HSRs in operation 7 at the end of 2013 showed the unit cost varied substantially. The unit cost of 350 km/h projects was between RMB 94-183m per km (Figure 3; see also section below on Cost Factors). The unit cost
of 250 km/h PDLs was, with a couple of exceptions, between RMB 70-169m per km. The weighted average unit cost for a line was RMB 129m per km for a 350 km/h project and RMB 87m per km for a 250 km/h project.
Granted these are 2013 figures, only three years old. 
So it costs an average of RM80 million to build one kilometer of 350 km/h railtrack in China. For a lower train speed of 250 km/h the cost per kilometer is RM54 million per kilometer in China.
And I think land acquisition cost in China is much, much more expensive than Kelantan.  And in Chinese urban centers their land acquisition costs can be much higher than theKlang Valley or Selangor.
So I have a question –  what is the speed of the trains that will be running on the new 620 km Klang to Tumpat railway line?   For certain it will not be a high speed train.  They will not be running anywhere close to 250 km/h. 
So why are we paying RM55 billion? 
Then the Chinese company’s website  says the project cost is only RM46 billion.  
There is a mismatch of RM9 billion. 
Nak beli beg tangan kulit Hippopotamus kut?
That is the cost side. Where the ‘curi duit’ also happens.  
Having said that, it is still a fantastic project. I am a great believer in huge infrastructure projects. Not just for kicks. Huge infrastructure is a continuous investment if we want to keep progressing. 
Despite all his thieving and stupidity, credit is due to MO1 for giving the ok for the new Sungai Buloh – Kajang MRT line. That line will do great things for the Klang Valley, Selangor and Malaysia.  And yes, folks say that project is also overpriced.
Also the expansions to the existing Putra LRT lines (to Puchong and beyond Kelana Jaya).  These things should have been done under Slumberjack but that guy was a Class 1 dunggu as well.
That Pengerang project in Johor is also a game changer that was begun under MO1.  Despite the crash in oil prices, the products that are being planned for production in Pengerang are still needed in the world markets. We must keep the project going and make it a success.  More foreign investors should be brought in if we do not have our own funds. 
This Chinese rail project is from Klang to Tumpat. There is nothing in Tumpat. Actually there is nothing in Kelantan. 

The map shows that the new railway will pass through Kuantan Port, Kemaman Port, Kertih Port and ends in Tumpat close to the Thai border.
Why Tumpat? The Chinese are also involved in the Kra Canal project that will eventually cut across the Isthmus of Kra in Thailand. I am positive the Chinese have major plans for further developments in this area (the eastern seaboard of the ).
The Chinese are also building ‘one of the largest ports in South East Asia’ in Malacca.  The inheritors of Admiral Cheng Ho will meet again in Malacca.  For sure Malaysia is going to be on the New Silk Route that China is stringing up around Asia. 
Here is a Wow ! list of Chinese investments in Malaysia by The Star :
Chinese Investments spread across country

          Malacca Gateway project to attract RM43bil investments from China.
– CHINESE investments coming into M’sia like never before 
– not expected to subside anytime soon
– significant in propping up M’sian economy 

– cash from China not stopping anytime soon
– China’s investments nationwide, multi-sectoral

– targetted bilateral trade US$160b (RM670b by 2017)

  • M’sian campus of Xiamen University 
  • In Penang, Chinese investing significantly
  • 2 Chinese solar panel manufacturers, Jinko Solar, JA Solar 
  • invested RM363.21mil and RM300mil in Penang
  • RM4.5b  2nd Penang bridge constructed by China Harbour Engineering
  • Malacca benefits from Chinese monies
  • Malacca Gateway to attract RM43bil from China 
  • capable of spurring Malaysia’s seaports’ growth
  • largest private marina in South East Asia in Malacca
    Guangdong-Malacca Industrial Estate (electrical goods)
  • Malacca’s very-own deep-sea port 
  • Malacca maritime industrial park
  • investments from Guangdong create 5,000-20,000 jobs in Malacca
  • plans for US$2bil (RM8bil) energy project in Malacca in near future
  • Chinese investment bolster Johor economy
  • Chinese mega project “floating-city” in Johor. 
  • Country Garden Holdings to develop RM450bil Forest City
  • four man-made islands, three times size of Sentosa
    Forest City conferred with tax-free status (huh? pasai apa?)
  • Country Garden involved in Danga Bay, RM18bil
  • Greenland Group, Guangzhou R&F developing large property projects 
  • 2016 Johor to receive RM2b investments from three Chinese companies
    RM400m 2nd phase of Shandong’s D&Y Textile & Garment Group
  • Country Garden’s Diamond City, 415-unit development in Semenyih
  • villa township development in Rawang 
  • Xi’an LONGi Silicon invested RM1b in solar plant in Kuching 
  • to create 2,360 jobs. 
  • to invest RM12b in integrated steel/cement/coal project in Sarawak.

Wow !  And all these billions do not include the RM55 billion railway project.
Folks, this is a good thing. Just like all those American and Japanese multinationals who invested hundreds of millions in Malaysia in the 60s, 70s till the 90s. Well now it is China’s turn. 
The ketuanan folks and the ikan bakar folks should organise a ‘doa syukur’ for all these Chinese investments.  Their kids and grandkids will have opportunities to get permanentjobs and a good future.  No need for everyone to sell keropok lekor and nasi lemak anak dara at the warong.
So send your kids to Mandarin class. At the very least, send your kids to Chinese nursery school, Chinese kindergartens or to Chinese schools.  
I have repeatedly said this in all my books that Malaysia cannot afford to be left out of the new economic juggernaut that is being created  by China. If we miss out on this new China Trade, then yes we will end up selling keropok lekor and nasi lemak anak dara in the warong.
Another China related project that I have spoken about repeatedly (since my first book written in 2005) is to set up a trading center here in Malaysia (modelled on the international trading center in Yiwu, China) that will showcase the largest array of Chinese made products. Then purchasing managers and business people from all over East Asia, India and Africa need not travel to China to buy Chinese goods.  They can come here to Malaysia to buy Chinese goods.
I am glad to read that after 11 years, this project will see the light of day.  Refer this recent news report  here:
 Chinese company to turn JB into global marketplace
  • marketing centre in JB to promote Chinese products to this region
  • buyers, businesses no need to go to China
  • they can see them here and purchase
  • will make Johor Baru global marketplace
  • will expand Johor’s services  industries
  • create more knowledge workers
All these Chinese investments running into the hundreds of billions will bring prosperity to the country.  
Please note that the Chinese are bringing their money here.  They are placing their capital inside our country.  Looking at the way the gomen is messing up the country, it is the Chinese who are assuming a bigger risk.  
Actually it is the Chinese should have more to fear than us. They can lose their money. Dont believe me? You want proof ? That ikan bakar moron has already warned that ‘May 13’ can happen again.
(By the way, my congratulations to HRH the Tengku Mahkota Johor for that cute video spoof. Bang bang ! )
Throughout the 1970s, 80s and 90s  the American, British, French, German, Japanese MNCs etc created hundreds of thousands of jobs for engineers, technicians, factory workers, transport operators, freight forwarders, caterers and etc. Their investments and presence here also sparked off local supplier networks.  The same happened when Taiwanese textile manufacturers opened their factories here.  Despite all that, we are still Malaysian.  Those who want to join ISIS can still go ahead and join ISIS in Malaysia. So there is really no need to be paranoid about foreign investors.
It is up to us to be clever and figure out how to benefit from foreign investment.  But if for some reason we are still paranoid that is still not enough reason to stop foreign investment from coming into the country.
Now lets us look at the “Arab investor”. Just what the hell is this animal? Can anyone describe it ? Does it have two legs, four legs or does it just slither on the ground? 
How come there is so much paranoia about Chinese who are bringing in technology, business acumen and most important of all THEIR MONEY  yet there is little complaint about Arabs who are unknown in the world, who do not possess even one international brand, who have absolutely NO technology and who more often than not have cheated the local kampong boys of millions and billions of Ringgit?
The most recent examples are the Aabar gaabar crooks, the I-Pig, You-Pig, We-All-Pig asses who have stolen billions from us.  They were not investors. They just came to steal money.
Before that down south in Johor, the kampong boys got taken for a ride by the Arabs for tens and hundreds of millions of Ringgit. They became “equity” partners without even investing any money.  And they cleaned us out.  
In years gone by before that there were the terrorist linked bin Ladens, the Kuwaitis all looking for easy money here.  There was even a Pak Unta “inventor” who cleaned us out for a few hundred million Ringgits. 
Then there is also a camel group that has been granted a commercial banking license. Can you imagine that? Banking is a highly restricted and controlled business. Why not give a banking license to Syed Akbar Ali instead of giving it to some camel jockeys? 
The Arabs have brought absolutely zero technology, zero business acumen and little or  no investment funds.   So why the infatuation with the Arabs? Partly because that mamak fellow told the kampong boys ‘Lets bring in the Arabs. Easier to have lunch with them, they eat halal food too.’     I think it was also easier to arrange ‘kickbacks’ via Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other such places for “political donations” – as detailed quite loudly by MO1. 
Not only are the Arabs devoid of business acumen, technology and capital they are also a lazy bunch of slackers.  Why do you think they are among the poorest nations on the surface of the earth? These folks just do not understand the concept of work.    
Dont believe me? Here is Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Economics Minister  Mohamed Al Tuwaijriwho said during a discussion on the Saudi economy: 
“The amount worked [among Saudi government employees] doesn’t even exceed an hour [a day] — and that’s based on studies,” Al Tuwaijri said, during the conference.    Read more here.
So the Saudi minister says their civil servants hardly work an hour a day.  About the same applies in their private sector.   
The Saudis, the Qataris and other Gulf Arabs have also been exporting Wahhabism all over the world.  Even in Malaysia the increasing religious tensions and the religious extremism is because of their influences.
And these are the same people we want to bring into our country. How stupid can you get?Bodoh !

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