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Saturday, November 5, 2016


Siti Hasmah wants her son to become Prime Minister while Wan Azizah wants her husband to become Prime Minister. So how can these two ‘First Ladies’ come to any deal? And for one of them to become Prime Minister they must first destroy Malay political dominance because Umno will never accept any one of them as Prime Minister. And this means they must turn to DAP.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Before 1981, Malaysia never had a First Lady. All we had was the wife of the Prime Minister. In fact, most Malaysians did not even know who the wives of the first, second and third Prime Ministers were. It is only when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad became Prime Minister that Kadir Jasin and his media boys invented the term ‘First Lady’. Hence, while Mahathir may have been the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Ali became the first ‘First Lady’ of Malaysia.
And Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail was supposed to be the second First Lady of Malaysia when her husband, Anwar Ibrahim, takes over as Malaysia’s fifth Prime Minister. However, 18 years ago, Anwar failed to oust Mahathir and failed to take over as Malaysia’s fifth Prime Minister. Instead, he was sent to jail for sodomy and is still in jail until today for the same crime.
Only a moron would get caught twice for the same crime so maybe it is just as well that Anwar never became Malaysia’s fifth Prime Minister. In fact, although Anwar may have been charged and convicted twice for the same crime, there are actually more than a dozen other sodomy cases against him. It is just that the government does not want to waste its time charging Anwar for ten other sodomy crimes (and be accused of persecuting Anwar) when he is already in jail anyway.
And if you think that Anwar is a moron for getting caught twice (or a dozen times) for the same crime, Wan Azizah is equally a moron for getting caught a second time as well in the belief that Mahathir is going to help her husband get out of jail and will help him become Prime Minister once he gets out of jail.
Siti Hasmah-Wan Azizah
Anyway, in case some of you missed that article, two weeks ago on 24th October 2016, Malaysia Todayrevealed this new ‘alignment’ between Mahathir and Anwar using Siti Hasmah and Wan Azizah as the intermediaries in the piece titled Mahathir’s new and secret deal with Anwar’. In that article we said:
Those who practice realpolitik are normally Machiavellian. And the definition of Machiavellian is cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous, especially in politics. Now, don’t knock that just yet because in his own way Sun Tzu is just like that. And don’t the Chinese (and even non-Chinese like me) have loads of respect for Sun Tzu?
So, as a Machiavellian who plays realpolitik would normally do when he or she is fighting a lost cause and is doomed, you make new alliances and even change sides if necessary. And that is what Mahathir did. He made a new alliance and changed sides. So now he has endorsed Anwar for Prime Minister when earlier he said he wants Muhyiddin Yassin for Prime Minister and then changed his story to ‘it is too early to name who should be Prime Minister’.
But Mahathir is smart, too smart for people like Anwar Ibrahim or Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail. Mahathir adopted the deniability and fallback strategy. That is normally how the US President does things. The US President always insulates himself from any fallout. So they play the deniability and fallback strategy so that later you can deny any knowledge or involvement in the whole thing and let someone else take the fall for it. And this fall-guy would go down with the ship with his lips sealed.
And this is the game that Mahathir, too, is playing. When Mahathir went to court on 5th September 2016 we already knew that something was about to happen. That court appearance, which was arranged by Azmin, was merely to test the waters. It was a public show but the real deal would be done behind closed doors, not in full public view.
Then we found out that Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Ali was going to meet up with Wan Azizah. So that is where the real deal is going to be made. However, although we knew about this a couple of weeks ago, we did not want to let the cat out of the bag lest we frighten the prey. And the prey here is Wan Azizah, of course.
What Mahathir wants is basically for Wan Azizah to convince the opposition Members of Parliament, if possible those from PAS as well, to jointly sign a petition to the Conference of Rulers to ask Their Highnesses the Rulers to step in and force Najib to resign. And Mahathir sent Siti Hasmah to talk to Wan Azizah about this.
Of course, as usual, we had the Doubting Thomases pooh-pooh what we wrote and accuse Malaysia Today of lying and spinning. So now what have these people got to say? I know what I am going to say and what I am going to say is, “I told you so!”
Just to digress a bit, many also pooh-poohed our stories regarding George Soros financing PKR and those opposed to the government. Even Mahathir said so when he revealed that Soros was financing opposition groups and Malaysiakini. Today, what we revealed a decade or more ago has been proven correct. Many now even admit that they did receive money from Soros. But now Mahathir says forget about Soros and focus on bringing down Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak (READ HERE).
Mahathir blamed Soros for wrecking Malaysia’s economy in 1997 (if not then Mahathir would need to take the blame) and now Mahathir wants Soros to destroy Umno and Barisan Barisan and bring an end to Malay political dominance and hand the country to a DAP-led coalition. What did Mahathir once say, Melayu mudah lupa?
Mahathir wants Najib ousted and he would even kiss and hug Soros if need be to see that happen. Mahathir knows that time is not on his side so he has to move fast while he is still breathing because he might kick the bucket at short notice. And that would mean you need to take short cuts and even sell your soul to the devil if that is what it takes.
Soros and Anwar may be devils as far as Mahathir is concerned (which he did say in 1997 and 1998 when he condemned both Soros and Anwar). But there are times when you need to work with the devil when everything else fails. So Mahathir wants to now take Anwar as an ally in his aspiration to topple Najib.
But to do that Najib needs to be ousted through a vote of no confidence in Parliament, unless he can be ousted through street demonstrations such as the Bersih one in two weeks times (or through Umno or though a military coup, etc.). Since December 2014 Mahathir has tried so many methods to oust Najib but none worked. His latest Citizens’ Declaration, Petition to His Majesty the Agong and to the Conference of Rulers, Parliament walkout during the tabling of Budget 2017, etc., also failed miserably.
Mahathir has tried so many things and nothing has worked. So he needs to go back to Parliament (like he did in October 2015) and try yet another vote-of-no-confidence against Najib (because the Rulers refuse to oust Najib like what Mahathir wants). And for that to succeed he needs at least 112 Members of Parliament. But to get 112 Members of Parliament he needs to get them from both sides of the political divide.
So it is not going to be easy to get 112 MPs to support Mahathir’s vote of no confidence against Najib (or to support Mahathir’s Petition to the Conference of Rulers). Mahathir made the mistake of saying that Anwar is an immoral person and is not fit to become Prime Minister. Last month, Mahathir also said that his choice of successor after Najib is Muhyiddin Yassin. But then Muhyiddin has been proven to be equally immoral and, to the Malays, main bini orang and main buntut are equally bad and of no difference in dosa.
If Mahathir does not want an ‘immoral’ Anwar as Prime Minister and if Muhyiddin is sama saja macam Anwar, then who is left? Mahathir cannot say he wants Mukhriz as Prime Minister because his son is not even a Member of Parliament. Mukhriz will first have to contest a Parliament seat in the next general election (and win it: which means he must contest a safe seat and with no three-corner fight to pecah undi).
So Mukhriz is not ready to become Prime Minister. Mahathir has to plan for 2020 or thereabouts for Mukhriz to take over as Prime Minister. And that means Mahathir needs a Goh Chok Tong to become interim or temporary Prime Minister and warm the seat for Mukhriz.
That Goh Chok Tong was initially supposed to be Muhyiddin. But with the Nika Gee scandal choking Muhyiddin to death, Mahathir now has to write him off. Even more crucial are the 112 votes in Parliament (which Mahathir does not have yet). So, like it or not, Mahathir has to now forgive and ‘rehabilitate’ Anwar and ‘bring him back into the fold’ and anoint him as the next Malaysian Prime Minister and successor to Najib.
Yes, that was what Muhammad Zahid Md Arip said (the man who revealed that Wan Azizah has received millions from Soros and who also revealed that Ezam Mohd Nor was/is having an affair with Nurul Izzah Anwar and who also revealed that Anwar has a passion for young jambu boys).
And that was the purpose of Siti Hasmah visiting Wan Azizah. It was to tell her that Mahathir has forgiven Anwar and now no longer considers Anwar as too immoral to become the Prime Minister and is prepared to accept Anwar as Prime Minister if Wan Azizah can lobby 112 Members of Parliament to pass a vote of no confidence against Najib and/or sign the Petition to the Conference of Rulers asking Their Highnesses to sack Najib.
But there are a few problems with this. First is that while Wan Azizah wants her husband to become Prime Minister, Mahathir on the other hand wants Mukhriz to become Prime Minister. So both have opposing agendas and motives. And do you think Anwar is prepared to become Prime Minister for just two or three years and then hand the country to Mukhriz?
Anwar has waited 18 years to become Prime Minister. He has gone to jail twice and has suffered many things. All that waiting, suffering and sacrifices are not worth just two or three years as Prime Minister. Anwar will never accept less than ten years. And that would mean Mahathir will have long been dead and buried by then. So that means Mukhriz will never become Prime Minister.
Let me put it another way. Mukhriz is too dumb to become anything, let alone Prime Minister. Umno will never accept him. The only way he can become Prime Minister would be if DAP says so because DAP loves to have dumb people who they can control and manipulate sitting on the throne. Clever people are not to the interest of DAP.
So, if Mukhriz can never in a million years become an Umno or Barisan Nasional Prime Minister, he would need to become a DAP-led Pakatan Harapan Prime Minister. And for that to happen Umno and Barisan Nasional need to be destroyed and the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan would have to take over the country.
Mukhriz Siti Hasmah
In short, Malay political dominance needs to be wiped out and buried deep into the ground. Then the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan needs to walk into Putrajaya. Only then can Mukhriz become Prime Minister. And until then someone needs to warm that seat and be the temporary Prime Minister a la Malaysia’s Goh Chok Tong.
So here we have the wife of one person and the mother of another who have opposing interests and motives trying to make a deal on behalf of their husbands. Mahathir and Siti Hasmah must be more senile than we thought while Anwar and Wan Azizah must be super-morons if they think this can work. How in heaven’s name can that deal be made?
Most important would be the fact that for this plan to succeed Malay political dominance must be destroyed. Of course, DAP is okay with this because this is what they had wanted since 1969. In fact, DAP is hoping that PAN (a.k.a. Amanah) would penetrate the PAS heartland and take away PAS votes while PPBM (a.k.a. Pribumi) would penetrate the Umno heartland and take away Umno votes.
With that the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan would be able to form the next federal government and Malay political dominance would be exterminated for good.
DAP feels it has successfully divided the Malays so that plan is possible. PAS has been split with PAN emerging while Umno has been split with PKR and now Pribumi emerging. So the Malays are now split into five with DAP having an almost monopoly on the Chinese votes. As far as DAP is concerned the Chinese knife is now at the throat of the Malays.
Whether Siti Hasmah or Wan Azizah realise it or not, they are going go be remembered by history as having been instrumental in hammering the final few nails into the coffin of the Malays and help end Malay political dominance. Those two grandmothers should be ashamed of themselves.
When Mahathir first brought Anwar into Umno in 1982 it was to serve his personal agenda by using him to keep PAS in check. Today, Mahathir is still using Anwar for his personal agenda. Anwar was too dumb to see that in 1982 and he is still too dumb to see that today. And that makes him a super-moron just like his wife with the Japanese fan.
Najib knows that a disaster awaits Pakatan Harapan. The Siti Hasmah-Wan Azizah handshake, just like Mahathir’s and Anwar’s handshake in court last month, are kisses of death. Lim Kit Siang is pleased because either way DAP is going to benefit and Malay political dominance is going to be weakened further even if it is not destroyed totally.
As DAP’s Superman Hew said, DAP uses the Malays to destroy the Malays. And that is what is happening and what the new Mahathir-Anwar alliance and the meeting of both their wives is all about: Melayu tolong Cina bunuh politik Melayu.

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