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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


To the police I say: “Pull your finger out  and  STOP the ROT.” 
Tunku Abdul Aziz
The Yellow Shirts have abandoned their “free and fair election” campaign, and have adopted a campaign to oust a legitimate prime minister.
Tunku Abdul Aziz, Malaysia Outlook
The Yellow Shirts have abandoned their "free and fair election" campaign, and have adopted a campaign to oust a legitimate prime minister.
ARE we as a nation happy to stand idly by and be reduced to mere bystanders by a handful of subversives caught with their panties or pants down as the case may be, working hand in glove with foreign agents of regime change to destroy our constitutionally established order?
They who claim to don the Yellow Shirts to save Malaysia are not wearing the yellow of loyalty to king and country; they wear instead the yellow of cowardice, subterfuge and treason.
They enjoy unprecedented freedom in this land they claim to their foreign minders to be undemocratic:  they hold us to ransom with their lies, all in the sacred name of human rights?
They are long on human rights and disturbingly short on responsibilities to society they claim to represent and in whose name they carry out their dastardly “black operations” against the state at the behest of their foreign funders.
They promote and demand human rights even as these rights are legally questionable.
For example, they think nothing of mounting one campaign after another to bring down a constitutionally elected prime minister.
Is this part of their bundle of legitimate constitutional rights?
They claim in their many public statements that as an NGO, Bersih’s sole raison d’etre is to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.
All very noble and apparently done for a worthy cause, so they want us to believe.
Remember, what is apparent is not always real.
Bersih has abandoned the elections arena because there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the way our elections are conducted.
Bersih today is a moveable feast.
Their menu has been turned into a dog’s meal.
From being an organisation fighting for electoral reforms, today it describes itself as an “event organiser.”
Maria Chin and Chin Peng, another notorious traitor, have a lot in common.
Chin Peng in his time was an event organiser too, specialising in cold-blooded murder of thousands of innocent people, civilian non-combatants.
He perpetuated a reign of terror to ‘Save Malaya’ – for the Communist Party of China.
Maria Chin’s event specialty is street demonstrations.
She and S. Ambiga have dropped all pretence of being a non-political NGO and now openly declare that Bersih existed to bring down Najib.
If past Bersih demonstrations are anything to go by, then we can expect more of the same, the same damage to public property, broken heads, a rivulet of blood; and the police will be demonised for their trouble.
After Bersih 2, I proposed that those responsible for organising an event leading to the wonton destruction of public property should be held accountable.
There was substantial support for this idea by responsible Malaysians.
I was disgusted and extremely surprised a few weeks ago when an appeal judge allowed an application by Bersih to overturn the judgment of a lower court.
If destroying government property, including police transport is fair game and not against the law, then I put it to the learned judge that the law is an ass.
The learned judge should have had his salary docked to make good the colossal damage caused by the yellow hordes of hooligans.
The yellow they wear is designed to deceive and not dignify and honour the Malay rulers for whom they adopt an openly cynical, hostile and ambivalent attitude.
They want the great Malaysian public to believe that Bersih was an organisation devoted to the preservation and protection of the traditions and values of the Malay rulers.
Maria and Ambiga despite protestations to the contrary despise Malay royal traditions and make no apologies for their hostile aversion to Malay traditions, customs and practices.
Ambiga (left) and Maria Chin.
Ambiga (left) and Maria Chin.
Maria Chin cannot fool the millions of us who know her only too well: she is a foreign agent, a gun for hire, happily prostituting herself in exchange for a life style with money obtained under false pretences.
Chin, Ambiga, and others of their ilk have obviously embraced in exchange for foreigners’ money the devil’s own policy of strife in place of harmony.
How much longer are we to just stand and stare while our nation is being torn apart by foreign-funded anti-national elements, busying themselves undermining the country’s constitutionally established order?
They are being paid to bring about the illegal downfall of the government of the day.
This is Bersih’s openly declared policy.
They have become so confident of their own ability to manipulate with impunity the country’s very liberal human rights regime that they have dropped their original fight for free and fair elections, which in any case was nothing more than a load of red herring, for open illegal confrontation with the authorities.
Is Bersih a registered NGO under the Societies Act 1966?
If it isn’t, shouldn’t the Registrar of Societies (ROS) be interested enough to act, because it has obviously deviated from promoting “fair and free elections” to bringing down a constitutionally elected prime minister?
If it is not a registered society, then why is it allowed to operate?
Based on what emerged from Bersih’s previous “peaceful” demonstrations, and the recent confrontation with the Red Shirts, the risks of a bloody clash are real.
This being the case, surely a policy based on prevention would be less costly and tragic in human terms than one of keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best.
The violence in the recent street demonstrations in Jakarta provides a pointer to what could possibly go wrong on Nov 19.
It does not pay to be wise after the event.
I respectfully ask, what is the Inspector-General of Police proposing to do about the event being planned for Nov 19?
If you have reason to believe that it would go wrong, for God’s sake stop it.

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