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Saturday, November 5, 2016

There should be a limit to how low you would go

Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s latest comment on George Soros must be the lowest he has gone since the last two years when he started attacking Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. And the contradictions in what Mahathir says between then and now are so glaring that it has become very embarrassing.
When Malaysia’s economy collapsed, Mahathir refused to accept responsibility and admit that he was to blame for it and instead he blamed it on Soros. Mahathir even made anti-Semitic statements that in any other country he would have been arrested and jailed or would have been forced to resign from office. He even had the gall to refer to Jews as people with crooked noses.
Mahathir was bitterly opposed to street demonstrations and many opposition people were arrested and charged or detained without trial for organising and participating in demonstrations when he was prime minister. Mahathir condemned street demonstrations as a western conspiracy to oust a democratically elected government.
Today, Mahathir is saying the exact opposite of what he used to say. Today, Soros is a good man for financing groups that are out to topple the government while demonstrations are a good and legitimate way to change governments. Does Mahathir remember what he used to say or does he think we have forgotten? Politics is one thing but maruah must also be maintained in the game of politics because if we lose our maruah we have nothing left.

SALLEH SAID KERUAK is Communications and Multimedia Minister.- Mkini

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