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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ungrateful! Umno MP raps Pua over call to slash civil service

An Umno lawmaker has criticised DAP MP Tony Pua for wanting the civil service slashed, which the latter claimed was bloated and a financial burden.
Pendang MP Othman Abdul said Pua did not recognise and appreciate the hard work of civil servants, who form the backbone of the government.
According to him, this is not the first time that opposition leaders, especially those from DAP, have made negative comments regarding the civil service.
“In the past, there was an opposition leader who described civil servants as ‘kucing kurap’.
“I am not sure if such remarks stem from the racist sentiment of certain quarters who might view the percentage of civil servants in the country as being majority Malays.
“However, such statements show that the opposition does not appreciate the contribution and sacrifice of civil servants who toiled to develop the nation,” he told Umno Online.

Meanwhile, Othman said the civil service is the government arm which implements official policies and the number of civil servants is appropriate with the number of policies to be implemented.
“The government today appreciates the contributions and sacrifices of the civil service and this is why in Budget 2017, civil servants who are on a contract basis had their contracts renewed until next year.
“This shows the BN government appreciates their contribution and provides numerous incentives for them and this is different from the opposition which only mock and insult the civil servants,” he added. - Mkini

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