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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Husni wants Najib to appoint him as Malaysia’s new Finance Minister. Husni also wants the RM2 billion highway extension project that his son’s company is bidding for. If not then Husni is going to continue attacking Najib and will also contest the Tambun parliament seat in the next general election so that that seat can fall to the opposition due to a three-corner fight.
The Anti-Najib Campaign (ANC) is rapidly losing ground by the day. When they first launched the attack on Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in December 2014 they were so gung-ho and confident of victory. (Gung-ho — adjective: unthinkingly enthusiastic and eager, especially about taking part in fighting or warfare). Now they are licking their wounds and are trying to seek an exit plan so that they can back down or retreat without too much loss of face and broken bones.
Hence the reason why Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad met Anwar Ibrahim in court two months ago (5th September) plus Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Ali met Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail at Istana Segambutlast week (4th November). Mahathir knows that it is game over unless he comes up with a new game plan. Even His Majesty DYMM Agong and the Conference of Rulers have turned their backs on Mahathir and his ANC.
And, tomorrow, Mahathir is planning a ‘guest appearance’ in Parliament to test whether he has at least 112 Members of Parliament on his side so that he can pass a vote of no confidence against Najib (which he also tried in October last year but failed) — or use those 112 votes to pressure the Rulers to sack Najib.
Mahathir Pakatan
What Mahathir failed to remember, though, is that when you enter into battle or engage in war you should never go for broke. If you declare you are not taking any prisoners on the basis of ‘no quarter asked and none given’ (meaning no mercy or no concession granted by from both sides), then you motivate your opponent to totally wipe you out and even the wounded and prisoners are massacred in cold blood.
There are such things as the rules of war or rules of engagement. But then if this is how the fight is supposed to be conducted (using rules) then both sides must agree to these rules and honour or respect them. Once one side declares that there are no rules and that everything is fair game and that it is a fight to the death, then it is going to be a bloodbath and massacre of even the wounded, prisoners, women and children.
And this is the type of war which Mahathir and his ANC are waging against Najib. They do not follow any rules or apply the gentleman’s code of conduct with honour and respect for your opponent. They take no prisoners and attack even women and children, Najib’s family as one example.
So it was Mahathir and his ANC that decided the rules. Najib had no choice but to fight according to their rules. Najib had no power to decide on the rules of engagement. And now Mahathir and his ANC are being subjected to exactly what they had subjected Najib to the last two years since December 2014.
There are some who feel it is not fair and too extreme of Najib to sack Muhyiddin Yassin, Mukhriz Mahathir, Shafie Apdal, the Special  Branch chief, the MACC chief, the Attorney-General, and many more who conspired with Mahathir and his ANC. What do they mean by not fair or too extreme? In a  fight to the death and a war of total annihilation the term ‘not fair’ and ‘too extreme’ do not appear in the vocabulary.
I mean, if you want to box using Queensberry Rules then there is much you cannot do. It has to be a ‘clean’ fight. But if you do Thai boxing or Chinese boxing (a.k.a. Kungfu) then anything and everything goes — kicking, elbowing, eye-poking, kneeing, etc., including even kicking your balls.
Najib Mahathir
But then Najib has still been quite a gentleman in spite of everything. He only hits back to defend himself against the attacks by his opponents. He never goes all out to finish off his opponents (which is what he should have done if he wanted to bury them for good).
Najib has never once spoken about Muhyiddin’s scandal with Nika Gee and the resulting divorce because of it. Najib could have easily explained that the Statutory Declaration signed by Nika Gee’s husband had been prepared way back in 2015, long before the scandal erupted in mid-2016.
That’s right, the SD already existed in 2015 but it was not until mid-2016 when it become public. Meanwhile, from mid-2015 to mid-2016, Muhyiddin kept whacking Najib. But still Najib did not whack Muhyiddin back using this SD and the Muhyiddin-Nika Gee sex scandal. So in that sense Najib was quite a gentleman although Muhyiddin was hitting below the belt.
The same with the Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah case. Husni was pressing Najib to appoint him the Finance Minister (from Second Minister of Finance). Husni was also trying to give his son that RM2 billion highway extension project (READ HERE: Two billion reasons why Husni attacked Najib yesterday). Once Husni becomes Finance Minister he not only can give his son that RM2 billion project but can give him many more projects in the tens of billions.
Najib, however, did not reveal the two things that made Husni very angry: his appointment as Finance Minister and his son’s RM2 billion highway extension project. And Husni still wants that RM2 billion project. Last week, Husni told Cabinet Minister Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz that if his son does not get that project then he (Husni) is going to contest in Tambun in the next general election to pecah undi and make sure that the opposition wins that seat.
So Husni is still threatening and blackmailing Najib even until today. But Najib does not threaten and blackmail Husni in return. A few women have complained that Husni raba-raba their punggung and tetek(I personally know one of them and where she lives). All Najib has to do is to ask these women to make police reports and Husni will be long remembered by history as the Trump of Malaysia.
Husni is also having an affair with someone’s wife in his bahagian. If the name of this woman is revealed then Husni will be facing the same problem that Muhyiddin is facing due to his affair with Nika Gee when she was still married to someone else. And Husni has the gall to say that he resigned from his Cabinet post so that he can focus on religion?
Actually, Husni is a pervert. He has a fetish for watching porn on his smart phone while in his car. Husni’s driver and bodyguard find it weird that he would not use a headphone so that no one knows what he is doing. Imagine his driver trying to concentrate on the road while all sorts of sighs and screams are coming from the backseat as the porn stars reach orgasm and c**. This year alone the driver almost crashed the car five times because he was concentrating on the backseat rather than on the road ahead.
And do you think Najib does not know all this? Of course he does. But Najib is too much of a gentleman to use this information to hit back at Husni although Husni may be threatening and blackmailing him.
If Najib were to agree to bring Husni back into the Cabinet and appoint him the Finance Minister, plus give his son the RM2 billion project, then Husni is prepared to stop attacking Najib. Maybe Husni is watching too much porn that his brain has gone all mushy. Why would Najib want to bow to Husni when we can just destroy him totally and throw his body into the river?

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