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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

‘We’re ashamed of MO1 because he has no shame’

YOURSAY | ‘Najib, you have a strange and unique way of measuring your achievements.’
Vijay47: PM Najib Razak, you have a strange and unique way of measuring your achievements. Perhaps that is due to your being strange and unique.
You present a long list of your successes but these are nothing special being issues expected of a country's leader. Or would you rather we managed our transport and communications through bicycles?
Your pride in your deeds is akin to a government servant wanting recognition because he went to office five days a week, never mind about working. Yet you seem modest in claiming too much credit.
You have omitted the fact that we have achieved international pariah status in our corruption levels, our having an administration devoted to ensuring your continued survival in the face of rampant abuse by your party and government.
Let us not forget your personal contribution to the nation's economic well-being, drawing fabulous funds from generous Arabs and fat Chinese slugs.
Trueglitter: PM, the gathering of ominous clouds are now looming over your head, and despite your desperate struggles to hold on to power through engagements of BN political machinery - accessible only to you and your trusted lieutenants for use to persecute and incarcerate your political opponents - are drawing ever nearer.
It is understandable your fatalistic fears at the unfortunate change of government after the GE14 will create insurmountable legal implications for your and family due to your alleged involvements in the 1MDB scandal and the tell-tale pseudonym of MO1 (Malaysian Official 1).
However hard you may try to reverse your fate against the verdict of 'guilt' being irreversibly determined by the people's court of the land, your continuous demonising and belittling of your political enemies will not be able to save you.
Hardboiled: It's been clear to hundreds of thousands of Malaysians for some time now that we are indeed in a dire situation. Not just from oppression and tyranny, but kleptocracy and fascism.
It's time we fight for the nation's Merdeka once again. To free ourselves from the likes of you. Maybe only in struggle may we relearn what it is to be Malaysian.
Dingy: It's just unbelievable that the PM allegedly stole money in the millions from KWAP, the government pension fund. This is a crystal-clear case of CBT (criminal breach of trust).
In fact, Najib has apparently laid his long hand in many public funds. Of all the funds, KWAP is the worst because the fund belongs to government pensioners.
It's unbecoming of him to allegedly steal money from retired government servants. That shows how much respect he had for civil servants.
Mushiro: Najib and his cabinet's commitment to their struggle for religion, race and country has resulted in the worst kleptocracy government in Malaysia.
Our debt is at its worst ever level, inflation is out of control and cost of living is so high that even the government acknowledged this by giving out BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia).
GST (Goods and Services Tax), which is torturing the people, was forced to be introduced as the government expenses and leakages far exceeded the government revenue.
Corruption among government leaders goes unabated, unchecked and uninvestigated as RM2.6 billion and many more millions found in Najib's personal bank account was endorsed by the attorney-general (AG) as a donation or excused because Najib claimed he did not know about the money.
Najib is losing it all when he referred to Dr Mahathir Mohamad as a “91-year-old man”. Is this Umno's Malay and Islamic culture that PAS' Abdul Hadi Awang is willing to associate with?
Rupert16: What is Najib's struggle? His "struggle" is to allegedly pocket public funds for himself and his followers and to meet his wife's expensive lifestyle. And all this is done at the expense of the rakyat.
The red herring is when he used the phrase "for religion, race and country" to justify his struggle, which we all know is just an excuse to fool our rural folks.
SusahKes: One thing where you have surpassed the old man, is that you have compounded the oppression level in our oppressive laws, and there is no doubt in our mind that this was done with an eye to practically guarantee your continued stay in office.
You have failed to provide justice to the families of Altantuya Shaariibuu, Teoh Beng Hock and Anwar Ibrahim; if anything, your seemingly mild manner public appearance masquerades your ruthless streak to decimate your political opponents.
At the rate you are leading this country, the only legacy we are going to be inheriting come 2050, is a social nightmare made up of gargantuan debts, unemployable graduates, extremist warlords and - as The Wall Street Journal had put it - world champion of corruption.
Rakyat-in-Grief: How can you show your face and talk to the suffering masses as if you are doing something good to the country when in fact you cause all these suffering to the people by your wrongdoing?
We never had to suffer like this under all the other five PMs.
Anonymous112233: Indeed, we are so ashamed of our current PM. This is because he has no shame.
Vision2020: "A leader who walk with integrity will live with dignity, but a leader who walk with dishonesty will live in misery."

No matter how much a trust-deficit MO1 strive to express himself, his actions do not justify by the words he said. A leader is judged by his deeds, and not by his words. -Mkini

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