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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What 1MDB probe to prejudice when MO1 is cleared?

YOURSAY | 'Why should there be any investigations anyway? The victim,1MDB, has not made any reports...'
Pemerhati Bebas: Didn't attorney-general (AG) Mohamed Apandi Ali say that the 1MDB case is closed and that there is no criminal wrongdoing by any party? So, prejudice what ongoing investigations?
The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and Bank Negara have also closed their investigations. So, what investigation is the AG talking about?
FellowMalaysian: By claiming that his office did not receive the first mutual legal assistance (MLA) request by the Swiss AG and outrightly rejecting and frustrating their second attempt, Apandi and his AG's Chambers has just proclaimed to the rest of the world that the Malaysian government views any such requests for information as an interference into its domestic affairs and businesses.
Apandi's action has just added fodder to the perception of the international business community that the country has become more tyrannical than ever.
Anonymous_3ef7: “What ‘prejudice’ could there be for our investigating authorities?" asked former Court of Appeal judge Mohd Hishamudin Mohd Yunus.
Exactly! Are the authorities investigating locally? It doesn't look it at all - businessman Jho Low is still out there. Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) is still gallivanting around.
So why can't we provide the Swiss all the information they want?
Anonymous 1890491455255851: The AG was appointed by the prime minister. It is therefore obvious that Apandi was never going to assist the Swiss in this matter.
It becomes even clearer that there are attempts to protect those who are allegedly engaged in the laundering money from being charged.
If PM Najib Razak is innocent as he claims to be, why is Apandi not extending assistance to the Swiss?
Surely they are not going to defend their inaction by once again using the foreign interference argument. After all, the Swiss AG is working to eradicate money laundering from their own banking system.
Apandi's inaction says a lot. And he wonders why his integrity is attacked?
Odin Taju√©: Apandi himself has declared Najib free of any wrongdoing in the alleged theft of astronomical sums of money from Malaysians through 1MDB, and stopped investigations into the abominable thievery.
Oh, yes, there has been a very faint murmuring that the police were investigating into the theft. But if we believe they are, then we would do well to plant some beans to get gold eggs laid by a wonder hen.
Since no agencies are conducting any investigation into the reported flagitious filching, then there is none that could be prejudiced.
Oxymoronictendencies: Surely Apandi, Najib and a multitude of other government flunkies have on numerous occasions told us the 1MDB investigation is over and nothing was found to be amiss.
How then can cooperating with the Swiss request for mutual legal assistance be prejudicial to ongoing criminal proceedings related to 1MDB?
There are supposed to be none. Is Apandi now telling us that there are indeed criminal proceedings afoot related to 1MDB?
It seems like they want their cake and to eat it. Unfortunately for them, one lie leads to another, which leads to another and eventually the tissue of falsehoods crumble in the face of one lie too many.
Paul Warren: Why should there be any investigations in Malaysia itself anyway? The victim, 1MDB, has not made any police or Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) reports to initiate an investigation, have they?
As far as 1MDB is concerned, all the moneys paid out were for investments and properly recorded in their books.
The recipients either owe them that money or they are investments in them. Yes, sure, payments have been made as fees, commissions, consultant and management fees, etc. And what if tycoon Jho Low had indeed been paid directly by 1MDB?
After all, surely his charges wouldn't be anything less than RM100,000,000 an hour. And if 1MDB thinks that is reasonable, it would be a legitimate payment.
If a crime has been committed, it may just be a non-disclosure to the Income Tax Department. That he can settle by paying the tax and whatever penalties. He then goes to heaven with MO1.
Anonymous_3e86: The response from Apandi wasn't unexpected. It only confirms that the suspicion that the culprits and masterminds are being protected. How else do we expect the AG to respond?

Shunyata: If by some stroke of bad luck any one of you should have been gifted a copy of Apandi's 'Fiat Justitia' (I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to spend money on a copy), may I suggest that to preserve your own integrity, and donate it to a local Scout troop for use in their campfire bonfire.-Mkini

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