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Monday, March 20, 2017

DAP slams PM’s aide for lying about Lim Guan Eng’s wife

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PETALING JAYA: DAP’s Yeo Bee Yin ridiculed a prime minister’s aide today for making a false accusation in his effort to defend Rosmah Mansor’s role as patron of Permata, a childhood education development agency under the prime minister’s department.
Referring to Rizal Mansor mentioning Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s wife Betty Chew as having been appointed to head the property services committee of the Penang Chinese Chambers of Commerce (PCCC), Yeo said Chew had rejected the appointment.
“Rizal once again dragged a non-related person into Permata’s discussion. This time he dragged in Betty Chew.
“Didn’t Rizal know that Betty Chew rejected the proposal to be appointed into the committee of PCCC? In addition, PCCC is a trade organisation, unlike Permata, which is a government agency,” Yeo said, questioning if Rizal did not fact check or was just shamelessly telling a lie to defend Rosmah.
In January 2015, Lim had denounced BN-linked media organisations for their reports about his wife being appointed to a position in the PCCC, saying that they were overplaying a non-issue despite his wife, Betty Chew, having rejected the appointment.
“In any case, now that Rizal has brought Betty Chew into the discussion, may I suggest Rosmah to learn from Betty Chew and resign from Permata,” Yeo said.
Rizal Mansor had on Saturday responded to Yeo by saying Rosmah had not received a single sen being the patron of Permata, hence it was “stupid” for the Damansara Utama rep to ask for a government staff to take on the role, because they would then need to be paid.
Yeo, who is also DAP deputy national publicity secretary, countered that Rizal continued to distract the issue by not answering the more important questions she had addressed earlier.
She reiterated her question regarding the need to place the early childhood education development agency under the prime minister’s department, and if Rosmah’s role as patron of Permata was by “merit or marriage”, being married to Prime Minister Najib Razak.
“It seems that he is trying very hard to spin his way through these questions.
“In Rizal’s logic, anyone with a Master in Sociology and doesn’t ask for salary is qualified to be patron of Permata? As I’ve pointed out earlier, the question of who should be the patron of Permata should not even arise at the first place as there is no need for such a role,” Yeo said in a statement released today.

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