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Monday, March 20, 2017

Instead of parking lot, build a tugu on May 13 burial ground

YOURSAY | ‘They can build car park over it, but the hidden memories of the unmourned won't go away.’
Hang Babeuf: This (May 13 burial ground) is a place for a serious and dignified public memorial, a tugu (monument) and a park. Not a parking lot. In whose interest is it to erase this important connection to Malaysia's fateful modern history?
With apologies to Joni Mitchell (and her song 'Big Yellow Taxi'), this is no paradise but a reminder of, and a connection to, Malaysia’s own glimpse of the gates of hell ... but otherwise, it’s the same story - they want to dig it up, and put in a parking lot.
As the song goes, 'Don't it always seem to go/ That you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone/ They paved paradise/ And put up a parking lot/ Hey, now they paved paradise/ To put up a parking lot/ Why not?'
OMG!: May 13, the efficient abduction of the pastor last month, the Kampung Medan riots in 2003 (where six Indians were killed) and countless incidents that reflect the dark side of Malaysia - these are all buried archetypes of something sinister, evil and brutal that resides deep within the collective psyche of a large group within the majority.
They can pour concrete and build a car park over it, but the hidden memories of the unmourned won't go away.
The Analyser: Parking, or lack of it at the Sungai Buloh Hospital is a monument to the inability of Malaysian planners to plan and a record of the innate selfishness of inconsiderate Malaysians.
In fact, that whole area, with hospitals, medical faculties and nurses' accommodation served by a narrow winding road is another example of Malaysian incompetence and inability to plan anything.
From the looks of it, the burial ground is a classic example of neglect. So what's the fuss now after decades of neglect?
Some people will do whatever it takes to be obstructionist.
Clever Voter: Once again, we see certain stakeholders up in arms over the need to change in this relocation of burial grounds. It's time we take a closer look at this, and reassess whether the current site is suitable given pressure on land use and commercial value.
Perhaps as a compromise, a symbolic tombstone erected to remind what was here before would be acceptable.
Prudent: Relocate the graves by all means, but with dignity and suitable rites for the memory of and respect for the victims. The new site must also be gazetted and a suitable memorial be built.
The Selangor government should do this and pay for it because when the murders happened, the places where it happened were all in what was at the time Selangor.
The victims also included primary school children (allegedly killed when their afternoon session finished and they left their school for home).
Also there were girls and women who were allegedly killed in the then Majestic cinema at Jalan Pudu, and at other places. Their memory must not be allowed to be erased or their remains destroyed.
The evidence of the May 13, 1969 murders must be preserved for the future trial of the murderers, dead or alive. A truth and reconciliation commission should be set up.
6th Generation Immigrant: Indeed, if the graves must be relocated, everything must be documented. We are still debating May 13 today (though not, as expected, with clearer minds and thoughts, even after so long).
This day and episode must be recorded truly in history so that it would not be repeated in future. Official reports put the number of deaths due to the riots at 196, although Western diplomatic sources at the time suggested a toll of close to 600, with most of the victims being Chinese.
So the graves are a matter of historical and investigative interests for all Malaysians, if not today, then in the future.          
Non-Evader: No relocation! Once relocated, lots of things related to the incident will be wiped out. Remember, we still don't really know exactly the real cause of the incident and the real culprits behind it.
We also need to preserve it to remind the future generations not to repeat it. Once relocated, the significance of the site will be reduced greatly.
Crucify Me But, Not My Beloved Country: Caning is barbaric. The civilised way to deal with this is counselling and education.
If the end result successfully gets the couple to get married and accept the child, that would be a better solution. The bottom line is, you cannot stop sexual activities - even those having four wives could still have 'dinners' away from home.
Vijay47: I am sure that somewhere within this wonderful suggestion from PAS, there must be the precious elements of care and compassion, mercy and kindness that all religions founded on basic human decency will possess.
It is just that for the moment I am unable to find those facets, as my map is lost and my compass broken.
In the meantime, just one simple question - who is going to be caned? The man, the woman, or the infant?
Anonymous_1419577444: Yes, who do you cane, the pregnant girl or the boy who had made the girl pregnant, or both? Do you cane the girl when she's pregnant with the baby? Or do you cane the girl after she has given birth?
And should you also cane the parents of the couple for not teaching Islamic moral values to their wayward children? And should you also cane the ulama too for failing to teach the couple well?
681 Porky Pies: Nik Mazian Nik Mohamad (PAS-Pasir Puteh), do you realise that this problem is endemic among the young? Did you ask yourself why?
All the ulama should be ashamed of themselves for failing to educate and guide them.
The Analyser: Have you ever considered education and contraception as possibly ways to address the problem?

You might even consider empowering women so that they don't think their sole role in life is to be a man's plaything.- Mkini

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