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Monday, March 20, 2017

Kuantan MP: Reveal owner of land where children drowned

Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh has urged the government to reveal who owns the land where three children drowned in what was reported to be an abandoned bauxite mine pool.
This comes after the government in a parliamentary reply to Fuziah said the pool was not remnants of a bauxite mine because no permits for mining were issued for the land.
“I demand that the identity of the landowner be made public as the landowner should be fully responsible for negligence. He or she dug holes on land too close to a residential area, and left it to collect water, which cost lives.
“The landowner must also pay compensation to the families of victims for the suffering they endured,” she said in a statement.
Fuziah also urged the state government to investigate if illegal mining had taken place on the land, so landowners will not take such matters lightly.
“I fear that there will be more of such holes just waiting to snatch another life,” she said.
The children drowned in what was widely reported as former bauxite mining pools in Taman Sungai Karang Jaya in Kuantan in February.
The victims were siblings Salsabila Zuhairi, 12, Mahathir Mohamad, seven, and their friend, Nureen Ain Juwita Mohd Sharif, 10.
Their families have appointed a lawyer to take legal action against the alleged mine owner.

According to the lawyer, Mohd Harris Abdullah, the owner had a permit to dig up the land to shift the soil, not for mining, Bernama earlier reported.
The families are also mulling taking action against the Pahang government.
Bernama reported that the mine was believed to be illegal, and abandoned after a moratorium was imposed on bauxite mining on last year.
Fearing another tragedy may occur, the residents took their own initiative to drain the water from the disused pond.- Mkini

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