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Monday, July 3, 2017

For DOJ, two out of three ain’t bad

YOURSAY | ‘So what are the chances DOJ is lying about the pink diamond?’
Trueglitter: The unexpected cum instantaneous emergence of Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz, a member of the Special Affairs Department (Jasa), on the scene and insensitively raised his tirade of vitriolic attacks against the opposition over US Department of Justice (DOJ) dossier involving the wife of Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) has inevitably raised more than an eyebrow.
Discerning observers are not surprised that political "chameleons" like Tun Faisal, who is well noted for his voracious appetite to ascend the political ladder and be in the hierarchy of BN government, will be prepared to showcase his emboldened abrasiveness to protect MO1 and his wife at whatever costs.
It is apparently indicative that Tun Faisal had merely garnered his "hearsay" and lopsided news from some Umno media as he has failed to acknowledge the DOJ detailed report consisting 251 pages and mentioning a US$27.3 million pink diamond necklace for MO1's wife.
Guyintheglass: I supposed the link to 1MDB still needs to be proved. But the fact that both Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio and Australian model Miranda Kerr surrendered those items to DOJ shows that they acknowledged that they had received those items from the chief suspect.
MO1’s wife does not need to admit that the money to buy the jewellery came from 1MDB, but can she acknowledge, or deny, that they came from the suspect?
Legit: When DOJ can be so exact with their information about the jewellery given by Jho Low to Kerr, what makes these goons think that DOJ does not have the proof regarding the US$27.3 million pink diamond allegedly given to MO1’s wife using “stolen money” from 1MDB.
These Umno and Jasa officials would be better off not opening their mouths and showing their kampung mentality to these Americans who must be having a good laugh.
XED: Tun Faisal should advise the foreign minister to summon the American ambassador and deliver a protest note condemning the DOJ for acting without evidence.
When that happens, the people in Washington will collapse in laughter. But the Americans want, when it suits their purposes, to have fools and crooks in power in other countries because it would be easier to manipulate, blackmail and influence them into serving American interests.
So, there is no surprise that there is low-quality leadership in the Malaysian government.
Anonymous_3e79: Let Malaysians decide if DOJ has the evidence on Mrs MO1’s jewellery.
1) DOJ claims that DiCaprio received paintings and gifts from Jho Low sourced from money stolen from 1MDB - Dicaprio surrenders the "gifts" and is willing to cooperate with the DOJ in its investigation (and I suspect be willing to testify in court when the day comes).
2) Kerr, as the DOJ claimed, received diamonds and jewellery close to US$8 million - she conceded and removed the said jewellery from her safe deposit in Los Angeles and surrenders them to DOJ. She, too, is willing to cooperate with DOJ. I believe that she may be called to the witness stand if required.
3) MO1’s wife, the biggest recipient of Jho Low’s gifts as claimed by DOJ, amassed tens of millions of US dollars in fancy diamonds.
What are the chances that the DOJ is lying on this? They have interviewed the seller and she has collaborated on the events leading to the DOJ claims. Evidence and witnesses will all be presented during the court trial.
Leanburn: Tun Faisal, as a propagandist, you are not interested in facts, justice, morals and the plight of the people.
What you achieve is more and more incredulity of the people and becoming a joke in the eyes of people who know better. As facts are not your forte, you should do yourself a favour and stay out of the issue.
The people are not stupid to believe propagandists like you. At least, do propagandists around the world a favour by being somewhat credible.
SusahKes: What do we get from sycophants? They remain game on perpetually vexing us with their non-factual, and - I must say - near-comical, rebuttals.
All I see are desperate attempts at negating the effects of the fallout. After this, it's hard to imagine any A-lister from Hollywood lining up to be seen in a Cannes photo-op with anything or anyone remotely associated with either Jho Low, or MO1.
Tholu: No proof? Oh my God, Tun Faisal has either not read the DOJ's latest 251-page civil forfeiture suit in full or does not know to read in English. Or worst still, despite knowing the content of the suit, he nevertheless denies it to protect Mrs MO1.
It's easy to deny, Tun Faisal, as even my four-year-old granddaughter can do that - simply say, “tak betul” - but to counter their accusations with facts and figures would be nigh impossible since DOJ has got its facts from rock-solid evidence.
Benjamin Chong: Tun Faisal, did you read the 251 pages of DOJ's lawsuit? If you did, did you understand what was written? Or you chose not to understand? Or there is a problem in understanding English?
If what DOJ stated were untrue, why did DiCaprio and Kerr return the gifts? MO1’s wife should sue DOJ if the statements were untrue. Why keep quiet?
Anonymous 2436471476414726: Tun Faisal, be sure what you want to believe and what you want Malaysians to believe. In time to come, further details may be revealed which would make you look like a fool.
Just because the pink diamond necklace is not yet included in the assets to be seized does not mean that it does not exist. The DOJ had detailed in several pages the purchase and delivery of the necklace.
However, maybe what the DOJ has yet to ascertain is the present whereabout of the jewellery. Perhaps for this reason, the DOJ cannot as yet include it in the seizure list.
You seem to suggest that it is not kept by MO1's wife. Could it be deposited for safekeeping in a bank's vault overseas somewhere, for example Turkey, Kazakhstan or even Australia?
Basically: They claim no money was embezzled from 1MDB. Yet they are unable to explain how the fund came to owe billions for zero work done.

So, where did all the money go? Please don't tell us it’s all in "units".
Try and give the “units” to the creditors to settle its debts, see if they don't go and tell 1MDB chief Arul Kanda to go fly kite. - Mkini

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