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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Gov't entrusts NSC with monitoring cyber threats - Salleh

Communications and Multimedia Minister Mohd Salleh Said Keruak says the government has already entrusted the National Security Council (NSC) with monitoring any cyber security threat in the country.
He said NSC which was represented by numerous agencies from various ministries was entrusted with the responsibility as cyber attack threats such as Ransomware Wannacry inundating the world was closely tied to national security.
“MSN has already made a statement on the matter (Ransomware Wannacry attack) that had happened recently, we did not receive any report that it took place in Malaysia. Indeed, the government take cognisance of such threats. We must defend our country on the issue of cyber security.
“Definitely, among the methods is for us to have updated technology because such incidents occur all the time. As such, we as users in the cyber world must exercise caution. We must make sure that we can ward off attacks like this,” he said.

Salleh said this to reporters when asked to comment on the cyber and security threats in the country, including the latest case, Ransomware Wannacry worldwide, at a Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration at his residence in Likas tonight.
The event was attended by almost 10,000 guests, including dignitaries and people of various communities and religions.
Salleh said the fear of cyber threats was not only being felt in Malaysia but also worldwide including developed nations.

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