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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

At Last : US Decides To Ditch Afghanistan And Pakistan

Image result for US Decides To Ditch Afghanistan And PakistanImage result for US Decides To Ditch Afghanistan And Pakistan

Trump administration considering withdrawal
United States turning away from Afghanistan
reservations about sending more troops to Afghanistan 

Trump refused to sign off on plan to send more troops to Afghan.
cabinet agreed to send “modest” number of troops to Afghanistan 
but Mr Trump sent it back to them.

White House taking new look at what would happen if US scale down presence 
Trump cabinet split on Afghanistan for a number of months
NSA McMaster and James Mattis favour additional troops
Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon opposed  
serious differences within Trump team how to deal with Pakistan
NSA McMaster want to stop all civil and military assistance to Pakistan 
Rex Tillerson, some generals warn that this would further alienate Pakistan

My comments : This is really good news for world peace.  Maybe deep down Donald Trump is a good christian and does not want to be involved in shedding as much human blood. For far too long US foreign policy has ultimately been based on their readiness, willingness and capacity to shed human blood.

National Security Adviser (ex Army General) HR McMaster and Defense Secretary (ex Marine General) James Mattis  are used  to the "shedding human blood" option.

Jared Kushner (Donald Trump's son-in-law) and Steve Bannon (Trump's closest advisor) are both civilians and not used to the 'shedding human blood" option.

Kushner and Bannon can also add and subtract from a balance sheet and see no profit but only cost from going to war.  This is not about saving the world. This is about saving money.

With or without US intervention, Afganistan and Pakmistan will both remain in the Orbit of Satan.  Death, destruction and paganism will rule them for a long time.


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