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Friday, August 4, 2017

Daughter of Malaysian billionaire has the world at her feet

Chryseis Tan is a businesswoman and jet setter who is pursuing her dream to travel the world in style.
PETALING JAYA: From strolling amidst falling autumn leaves in Kyoto, Japan, watching the sun go down in Phuket, Thailand, or drifting in a hot air balloon at sunrise over Marrakech, Morocco, Chryseis Tan does seem to be living up to her dream “to travel the world” – and in style, to boot.
The 28-year-old daughter of Malaysia’s well-known billionaire Vincent Tan – the chairman and chief executive of the Berjaya Group and owner of several football clubs – is a successful businessperson in her own right and obviously lives up to the saying: “work hard, play hard”.
As CEO of Berjaya Times Square, Chryseis has a lot on her plate.
Her Instagram account, of which 197,000 people are followers, is replete with pictures and videos of her travel exploits and her fashion sense – would you expect anything less from the investor of Goxip, a fashion app that tracks down styles featured in any photo and tells users where to buy similar pieces.
Her followers are full of praise for her, whether it’s complimenting her stunning evening gowns, her fancy dinners at posh international restaurants and hotels or her supremely romantic marriage proposal, the video of which she posted online last month.
Her fiancé? None other than Faliq Nasimuddin, 32, son of the late billionaire SM Nasimuddin SM Amin, the founder of conglomerate Naza Group.
When popping the question, Faliq chose the 5-star Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakech, pulling out all the stops to create a romantic setting with candlelit pathways dotted with pictures of the couple’s time together as he led Chryseis into a hall lit-up with the words “Will you marry me” before placing a huge rock on her finger.
Hers is a life many dream of but few are privileged to experience. In the meantime, they will have to contend with living vicariously through her. -FMT

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