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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Gerakan slams Ramasamy over 'JKKK posts only for DPP' remark

Penang Gerakan has slammed Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy for his remark that only DAP members can hold posts in the village development and security committee (JKKK).
"Is this practice still democratic, as it is often preached by Pakatan Harapan (that they practice democracy)?" the party vice-chairperson Oh Tong Keong asked in a press conference in Penang today.
"In the beginning, it was reported that the chairperson of the JKKK can be held by a non-DAP member but now, even committee members must be DAP members. Does this mean that in the future, villagers who are not DAP members cannot ask help from JKKK?"
Oh was referring to the sacking of 11 non-DAP members from the 15-member JKKK in Perkampungan Juru in Bukit Tengah, a constituency held by PKR.
Ramasamy, who is Prai assemblyperson, announced the new members on Monday.
Oh (photo) claimed that the kampung folks want to retain the chairperson of the JKKK, who was recently sacked from his post.
He claimed that there were banners on the issue erected in the village by those who were upset about the sacking.
"But PKR leaders, especially the Chinese leaders, like Bukit Tambun assemblyperson Law Choo Kiang have ignored their voices and let DAP oppress the villagers, " Oh said.
He added, the sacked chairperson had held the post since 2008 although he was not a DAP member.
"So why only now he is sacked? Is there a hidden agenda behind this issue? Why is it happening just as the 14th national poll is around the corner? Now they say even committee members must be DAP members, and this tactic makes people suspicious that DAP wants to take over the PKR seat," Oh said.
'Barking up the wrong tree'
When contacted, Law told Malaysiakini: "Gerakan should mind its own business. Trying to cause conflicts between DAP and PKR will never give Gerakan a single plus points."
Ramasamy said that those who were replaced with new members were under the DAP quota, not PKR.
"The DAP has decided that only our members can hold positions in the JKKK. Others can be members but no positions. This refers to those under DAP qouta only, PKR has their own quota," he explained.
Ramasamy said the sacked chairperson was informed two years ago to apply for DAP membership or he would have to vacate his post.

"Gerakan just wants to pit the DAP against PKR, but the appointment of JKKK members is a state decision, not just the DAP," Ramasamy said.
"Gerakan is barking up the wrong tree, they want to show as if PKR is being marginalised but this is completely wrong as JKKK matters are under the portfolio of Deputy Chief Minister I Rashid Hasnon from PKR, and he is aware of the situation," he added.
"It seems it is etched in Gerakan's mind that all parties would follow its record, it is their subconscious working overtime, instead they are just like a candle flame suddenly flaring up before it dies completely." -Mkini

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