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Monday, August 7, 2017

Reimbursements behind delay in PKR resignation in Kelantan gov't

The delay of PKR leaders in relinquishing their positions in the PAS-led Kelantan government, as instructed by its central leadership, has led to various perceptions, including accusations of greed.
Malaysiakini understands that the delay does indeed have to do with money, but not so much about greed.
This is because many PKR local councillors have spent their own money for constituency work and are waiting for reimbursements from the Kelantan government. Resigning now means they will never get back their money.
PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail confirmed this when asked about the matter.
"Since they became part of the Kelantan government, they used their own money to provide allocations.
"They are waiting for reimbursements on the funds they had spent," Wan Azizah told Malaysiakini in Parliament yesterday, when asked about the contradictory signals from PKR Kelantan.
Kelantan PKR information chief Mohammad Azihan Che Seman had said in a statement that the state leadership agreed to comply with the central leadership's directive to resign from their positions in the PAS-led state government.
Azihan said the directive came into effect on July 31 and announced a list of PKR local councillors in Kelantan who would resign, effective yesterday, or would decline to be sworn in.
However, Kelantan PKR chairperson Ab Aziz Ab Kadir (photo), when contacted, chastisedhis information chief for not consulting the state leadership before making the announcement.
Ab Aziz was also non-committal on the directive to resign, stating that no decision had been made.
The PKR political bureau had, on May 16, instructed its leaders to resign from the Kelantan government in response to PAS formally severing ties with PKR.
Wan Azizah said the matter would be discussed again this week by the PKR political bureau.

"We have seen PAS softening its stance towards us as the Kelantan menteri besar said they (the state government) still need PKR in Kelantan," she said.
Meanwhile, PKR supreme council member Johari Abdul stressed that the decision for PKR leaders to resign from the Kelantan government remained unchanged.
"It's only that they have asked for a postponement until Aug 31 due to technical problems," Johari said. - Mkini

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