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Monday, August 7, 2017

The Saudi Siege Of The Shia Town Of Awamiyah

Hi folks. Been busy. 

Here is some  news that has been blacked out almost completely. Just over three months ago a rebellion broke out in a Saudi Arabian town called Awamiyah. The Shia majority town lies in the eastern Saudi province of Qatif. This town was also the home of the Shia cleric and leader (in Saudi Arabia) Sheikh Nimr al Nimr who was executed by the Saudis in January 2016. 

For the past three months now the Saudis have blockaded the town, sent warplanes and used artillery against this 30,000 population town. They are trying to chase all the people out of the town before they bulldoze it back into the desert.  Here is the story :

Saudi begun war on a town in country’s restive east
battle still raging despite very little media coverage 

Awamiyah, 400-year-old town in Eastern Qatif home to 30,000 people
surrounded by siege barricades put up by security services 
attempts to evict residents turned violent on 10 May.

situation has rapidly deteriorated. 
25 people died in shelling and sniper fire
streets covered in rubble and sewage 

media are not allowed near area 
heavily-controlled Saudi state media

Grisly photos of destruction of homes and shops 

peaceful protester list as wanted terrorists. 
they targeted whole city 

Govt forces raided houses
Houses destroyed by bombs, heavy shooting, RPGs... everyone a target

Awamiyah sealed off with roadblocks three months ago 
security forces brought bulldozers 
on orders to demolish and redevelop area.

periodic bouts of unrest since Arab Spring 
call for end to discrimination against minority Shia began in 2011.

push to tear down neighborhood 
to crack down on rebellious city for good. 

heavy clashes between Saudi state and city right now
bodies left in the streets for days
contributing to unlivable conditions

Awamiyah home of Nimr al-Nimr
Shiite cleric executed on terrorism charges last year. 
His death led to demonstrations worldwide.

they killed Sheik Nimr, also executed four Shiite, 43 Sunnis

they want to empty town of people full stop

Last Friday, Saudis again issued eviction notices for Awamiyah
to leave through two designated roads 

order coupled with intensified fighting
authorities firing randomly at civilians, homes and cars

up to 90%  of local population fled, leaving 3,000-5,000 people 

UN accused Saudis of forcibly moving residents without resettlement 

outside world, largely unaware of turmoil consuming Saudi Arabia’s East. 

My comments : The world does not know anything about this. I picked this up from non-traditional news sites.  These are their own citizens - their own Arabs, their own religion, their own language and yet they are bombing, shooting and blasting the people (civilians). 

And then we have given land to set up a King Salman Centre for International Peace or some crap like that? 

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