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Monday, August 7, 2017

What is Zahid belly aching about?

YOURSAY | ‘Why would it be a bad thing if Dr M's father or grandfather was Indian?’
Zahid takes aim at Dr M's alleged Indian ancestry
Trueglitter: It is extremely revolting and disappointing Umno deputy president and DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has stooped so low to attack the widely respected former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad on the issue of the latter's alleged Indian parentage and accusing him of exploiting the Malays throughout his 22-year premiership.
It is apparent to all the deputy president has now descended into a new low to conceal the escalating desperation and fear now gripping also at the throat of his boss, Malaysian Official 1 (MO1), at the approach of impending GE14.
The discerning observers would not be easily hoodwinked by the conniving agenda of Zahid demonising Mahathir's parentage as the general populace are well-informed and fully acknowledged the latter's national contributions to our country.
In fact, the manipulative Zahid had instead done a favour for Mahathir's for inviting the public's condemnations and disdain over his mischievous attack on the nonagenarian's alleged parentage when his exemplary contributions clearly deserve the nation's earnest gratitude.
Aries46: What is Zahid belly aching about? Why his sudden dismay about Mahathir's ancestry?
Mahathir's Indian/Malay heritage is well-known. He has not denied it and we are proud of it considering his excellent premiership over two decades. Not forgetting, his Indian good looks that goes with it.
This Indian aspect in him was never an issue before and openly accepted and even celebrated by Umno for his 22 years of wizardry that transformed our agriculture-based economy into a modern prosperous economic powerhouse to contend with in this region.
He toiled and gave the Malays the best of everything under the New Economic Policy (NEP) and the criticism was from the non-Malays who felt the hardship of his pro-Malays policies that seemed extreme.
The Malay middle-class of today was Mahathir’s vision and foundation. Never was there a squeak about his Indian ties from Umno that lapped it up then without as much as a whimper. Therefore, Zahid's sudden frustration is perplexing.
David Dass: Why would it be a bad thing if Dr M's father or grandfather was Indian? Is there something wrong with being Indian?
There is an Indian in the cabinet. Indians are 7% of our population. The chief secretary and secretary-general of the Finance Ministry are Indians. Many Malaysians are of mixed ancestry.
There are Indians in Singapore and four Indians in Singapore's cabinet. There are four Indians in the Canadian cabinet. The US ambassador to the UN is Indian. The US ambassador to Malaysia is half-Indian.
There are more than a billion Indians in India. Half the population of Fiji is Indian. More than half the population of Mauritius is Indian. Zakir Naik is Indian! So why would Mahathir being part Indian be perceived as being a bad thing?
This statement is in stark contrast to the PM's invitation to make Indian Muslims bumiputeras. Indians in this country have no issue with anyone being Indian or part-Indian. Just measure a person by his character and his contribution to the nation. Nothing else.
Vgeorgemy: If Mahathir’s original name as per his first identity card provided by National Registration Department (NRD) was Mahathir a/l (anak lelaki) Iskandar Kutty, when did he change his name to Mahathir bin Mohamad?
Mahathir’s father’s name as per available public document is Mohamad bin Iskander. Iskandar must be his grandfather’s name.
To us, nothing wrong in born in any ancestry as long as the person accepts Malay way of life, he is a Malay. Mahathir is, and always be, a Malay and stood for the Malay cause.
Cogito Ergo Sum: Bigotry, racism and prejudice seem to be the order of the day and nothing is too low for the no 2 leader of Malaysia. His statement on Mahathir's Indian heritage is meant to imply that it is a fault that should be shunned.
How low can you go? You attack a man for what he had or has not done. Not on the basis of his race, religion or culture. You, sir, are an aberration to the Federal Constitution and the very concept, and idea, of Malaysia.
How you wound up as the second top man in this nation is a testament of the quality of your party and coalition. I hope you even lose your deposit at GE14 and are charged for sedition and inciting racial prejudice.
Aries46: Most Malaysians past middle age are aware of Mahathir's Indian ancestry as long ago as the 80s and 90s.
At that time, Mahathir took on the royals' absolute powers after a golf caddy was allegedly beaten to a pulp and a state hockey coach was allegedly slapped by a sultan.
At that point, one of the sultans in the centre of Mahathir's ire was reported to have allegedly circulated Mahathir's Singapore University application form where Mahathir's father's Indian ties were stated.
So, Zahid's expose, abetted by the NRD honcho, is nothing new to Malaysians unless they are trying to poison the mind of Malay youths that may not be aware of it. Desperation takes many forms.
Ah-hah!!!: Yes, as far as I recall, Mahathir's father was Mohammad bin Iskandar Kutty. His grandfather Iskandar Kutty hailed from Kerala, India.
So, Zahid was not correct in saying that he saw a copy of Mahathir’s identity card, which supposedly stated his name as “Mahathir a/l Iskandar Kutty”. And that is apart from his despicable racist effort to fan ‘ketuanan’ fervour.
On a side note, why on earth was SMK Bandar Sunway's hall being used for an Umno divisional meeting? Elected representatives in Selangor have been barred from school functions on the premise that schools must be free of politics.
Hannah Yeoh, the state representative for Subang Jaya, was not even allowed to attend a function of the school she had been head prefect of in her own constituency.
RR: I as an Indian Malaysian has been always very angry with Mahathir for not doing anything much for Indians during his regime but he did a lot to uplift the Malays and creating huge middle-class and upper-class Malays by extending and abusing NEP beyond its legitimate time frame of 15 years.
The civil service, police, army, nursing and teaching services became a monopoly of Malays. The entire banking and government-linked companies (GLCs) too.

Therefore, Malays should be grateful to him. Ingratitude is the worst sin. Zahid is wrong and cheap in making such a statement against Mahathir regarding his ancestry.
There is no pure Malay race now to boast of. We are all Malaysians. - Mkini

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