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Monday, August 7, 2017

Zaharudin slams claim Hadi endorsed taking of Umno funds

PAS central committee member Zaharuddin Mohammad rubbished claim within the party that PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang had endorsed receiving funds from Umno.
Zaharudin, who is also Hadi's son-in-law, described the claim made by a PAS Youth leader as "slander".
"I know Hadi much better than the youth leader. Hadi is firm on many issues.
"Personally, Hadi had advised me... one (against) taking money particularly if it is from Umno, and two, on positions particularly if the appointments are by Umno...," he said in a Facebook posting today.
He was responding to a PAS Youth leader who purportedly claimed that Hadi had told a delegation visiting him that it was okay for PAS to take money from Umno.

Zaharuddin said he had personally contacted members of that delegation, all of whom denied that Hadi made such a statement.
He warned that any PAS leader taking money, not only from Umno but also Pakatan Harapan, can influence the party's direction.
"If there are leaders taking money from Umno or Harapan, my friends and I will oppose them, as accepting funds from our opponents creates a conflict of interest, affect the party's direction and causes bias in the party's decision," he said.
Malaysiakini has contacted the PAS Youth leader and is awaiting his response.  Mkini

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