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Friday, December 1, 2017

The 'High Income Nation' Was Just To Lull The Malay Leaders - It Had An Ulterior Motive.

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Did you know that Khazanah Nasional pays some contract staff RM70,000 PER MONTH !! Plus EPF the wage bill is over RM82,000 a month.  

Just what exactly would a contract staff do that would be worth RM82,000 per month? 

Just two days ago, Khazanah was reported to have made a return of just about 1% on the RM145 billion assets under their management.  

If we put RM145 billion in Fixed Deposits in the banks, we could get about 4% return on our capital.  Khazanah has denied the report - coming out of Singapore's Straits Times. They say they have done 9.3%.  The nenek tua's keropok lekor stall can do better than that.

Along with JAKIM can we just shut down Khazanah as well ? These are two very useless institutions.

Its December now. Khazanah should be selling more of the TNB shares that Dr Mahathir gave them when Khazanah was first set up so many years ago. Without fail Khazanah has been selling TNB shares for the past FIVE or SIX years to make their KPIs and their books look good. Their MD (who is a graduate of the "slow learner" college) has been in place for 15 years.  His single greatest achievement is that he has been selling Khazanah's majority stake in TNB little by little every year to window dress his KPIs. 

By the way there is another angle to that Khazanah story reported in the Singapore Straits Times. 

1.  Do read on.

2. Why are these stories appearing in the Singapore Straits Times? Do read on.  

Here is more news about another CEO being paid RM54,000 per month. Plus EPF, his wage bill exceeds RM60,000.  This is the "high income nation". 

3. Do read on.

Dozens of Yayasan Felda staff to be laid off
FMT Reporters | November 30, 2017

chairman Shahrir says restructuring exercise

FELDA laying off,  forcing deep pay cuts at Yayasan Felda, ST reported.

Yayasan Felda 68 employees laid off by end of year

Faizal Mohd Mokhtar, CEO of non-profit body earns RM54,000 month.

need to reduce expenditure for foundation 

confirmed by Shahrir, foundation’s chairman Manan Ismail. 

CEO RM54,000 a month a bit too much

Felda struggling with corruption scandal 

drastic move reflected Felda problems.

foundation annual budget RM10 million

Yayasan 68 employees terminated, voluntary resignation or pay cut. 
new salary scheme will come into place next year
if any permanent staff chooses to stay on job
Those who leave receive severance.

Felda’s former chairman Isa Samad facing corruption millions of dollars 
spent buying overseas, local hotels at inflated prices.

(FGV) performed poorly on stock exchange since listing in 2012. 

My comments :  Why dont Shahrir Samad resign first? As Chairman of FELDA Shahrir earns over RM100,000 a month, or over RM1.2 million a year.  FELDA is still in deep shit. Shahrir Samad knows jack shit about business. He cannot fix FELDA. Why not resign now?

Or why not Shahrir Samad voluntarily resign or take a deep pay cut also?

Hang suruh orang lain potong gaji, tapi hang pula syiok makan gaji besar mana boleh brader? Kepala Bapak hang. Play fair lah. 

1.  The high income nation.

Its all that Stupid Mamaks dumb ideas again. One day someone will list down and record for posterity all the stupid ideas put forward by that Stupid Mamak which has caused so much losses and so many problems in the country. This high income nation idea is actually designed to make the Malays stupid, poor but feel bodoh sombong, all at the same time. 

My evidence :  FELDA is firing a CEO who was paid RM54,000 per month.  

The high income nation idea was a ruse to  make the GLC Malays feel that they were world class. Kepala Bapak hang. Khazanah contract staff paid RM70,000.  

The TEKUN, JAKUN, PEMANDU, HISAP CANDU CEOs, GMs, senior GMs etc are all paid RM25,000, RM50,000 etc. Some are paid even more. For doing what?

Most Chinese public listed companies may have just a few General Managers.  Proton and MAS had dozens of General Managers.  

Do you know how many senior staff FGV employs?  10? 20? 30? 50? 100? 150?

The answer is 236 !!

FGV offers VSS to senior staff | New Straits Times | 

Nov 3, 2017 - KUALA LUMPUR: (FGV) VSS 236 senior management staff offered.

Now if a kuchi rat CEO of a kuchi rat Felda Yayasan was paid RM54,000 a month, then surely the 236 senior staffs of FGV must have been paid more than RM54,000 a month.
This was the high income model. Pay the GLC Malays sky high salaries for doing nothing. Or for not doing anything much.  

Proof :  Their companies are in deep shit.  FGV in deep shit. Yayasan Felda laying off 68 staff.  Khazanah making less returns on RM145 Billion assets than a nenek tua keropok lekor warong. And then selling the family silver ie TNB shares, to dress up their KPIs.   

What more proof do you want? The idea was to keep the GLC Malays contented. To distract their attention with their cigars and golf clubs.  Because more stealing was going on. 

2. That Khazanah story in the Singapore Straits Times.

Another mamak is gunning for control of the GLCs, especially Khazanah Nasional.  The recent RCI on the Bank Negara Forex scandal was not targeted at Tun Dr Mahathir. That was a sideshow. The real target was to get rid of  the No. 2 at Khazanah Nasional.  Which was achieved.

Now the mamak is gunning for Azman Mokhtar the MD of Khazanah. Watch out for Sup Kambing Kuala Kangsar.

Is this all relevant? Not really. Like Zimbabwe or Saudi Arabia. Who gives a shit. A bunch of village idiots pretending to be businessmen and political leaders. 

3. Why Straits Times Singapore?

Both that Khazanah story and now the Yayasan Felda story have been played up by the Singapore Straits Times. There must be a cable connection somewhere from this side of the Causeway to the other side. 

Someone is leaking these stories.  The mamak is out to get you guys.


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