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Friday, May 31, 2019

Relocate aluminium factory, urge Kuala Langat residents

Some of the residents protesting against the aluminium factory in Sri Cheeding, Kuala Langat.
KUALA LANGAT: About 50 villagers at Sri Cheeding here held a peaceful protest in front of an aluminium smelting factory, demanding that it be closed for allegedly discharging toxic fumes.
Nandhakumar Chellia, 41, who lives just a hundred metres away from the factory said, his family had been inhaling unpleasant smoke.
“Sometimes it is difficult to breathe. My daughter, aged 12, was diagnosed with asthma when she was two years old.
“The doctor at the hospital said it is due to the smoke she is inhaling. I have nowhere else to move to.”
Nandhakumar Chelli, his wife, K Puspa and daughter complain about the air pollution.
Nandhakumar said the smoke could not be seen in daylight but residents could smell it.
He said most of the residents had been staying there even before the factory started operating. About 100 families are now staying near the factory.
Tan See Koo, who also lives nearby, said he had to cover his nose whenever he passed by the factory every day because of the strong metallic smell.
Omar Shawkataly.
“The factory used to operate day and night without stop. After we complained, they have slowed down.
“Now they operate at night from 6pm until the wee hours of the next morning to make it less obvious,” he said.
Another resident, Omar Shawkataly, who is a chemistry lecturer, said tests must be done to detect the aluminium level in residents staying close to the factory and also in the water.
“We are more concerned about the dust people are breathing in. I am sure this dust will settle in the ground and get into the water.”
Kuala Langat Environmental Action Association secretary Pua Lay Peng said a few complaints had been filed with the Selangor Environmental Department (DoE) since May last year.
Pua Lay Peng
She said the factory, which has been operating since 2005, should be relocated to a heavy industrial zone as it is now surrounded by houses.
She said DoE had asked the factory to stop its operations for two weeks and it could only resume its business if it meets air quality standards.
She said the association will monitor the factory, especially at night, to ensure the factory does not operate at night to avoid enforcement.
FMT is trying to get a response from the factory which is closed for now. - FMT

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