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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Water shortage at Sg Buloh prison hits detainees

Prisoners and detainees have been complaining of a severe water shortage at the Sungai Buloh prison.
PETALING JAYA: A severe water shortage at the Sungai Buloh prison over the past five days has led to severe living conditions for prisoners, according to a lawyer.
Defence counsel Hannan Ishak said she was informed about the water shortage yesterday by her client under remand in the prison.
She said the water cut has led to dire living conditions in the prison cells, with prisoners having difficulty going to the toilet, cleaning themselves and fulfilling daily prayers.
She told FMT that some prisoners are refusing to eat to avoid using the toilet as much as possible because they cannot clean themselves due to the water shortage.
Hannan added that detainees are only allowed half a glass of water a day for consumption.
“Even my client can’t take his medicine because there’s not enough water,” said Hannan.
“The detention cells are dirty and smelly. Carcasses of rats and cats have not been cleared or cleaned,” she added.
These conditions also mean that detainees are exposed to various diseases and are placed under stress, which could then lead to fights among fellow inmates.
Hannan said a formal letter of complaint had been sent to the director of the prison.
When contacted, a Sungai Buloh prison spokesman said the issue was due to a leaking pipe at the prison, adding that the issue had been resolved two days ago and water pressure was back to normal.
Hannan disputed this, however, as her client and other inmates had complained about the water shortage just yesterday evening. - FMT


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