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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

DAP has proven its ability in Harapan

DAP is a seasoned and tested political party that has gone through many challenges, ups and downs, arrests, detentions, police and racial harassment by Umno under Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Najib Abdul Razak, party-hopping and nameless other attempts to destroy the party over the past 60 years. 
DAP has always stood firm and overcome each challenge. No one in their wildest dream thought that DAP will win a state and eventually rule the country in a coalition. 
DAP has proven its ability to manage, administer and take the people and the state ruled by it to the next level despite facing endless opposition and obstacles during its first term in power in Penang. Remember, DAP had no experience in running a state. Yet Penang is today recognised by the world as a first in numerous spheres.
The federal government is not even two years old and with so many parties, problems are to be expected. DAP cannot wreck the coalition but has to help hold it together and stay on to see the transition through.

Amongst those who are prodding DAP to leave Pakatan Harapan are the well-intentioned, the genuine supporters, the academics as well as failed politicians, those with an agenda of blaming DAP for any and everything and those hoping to see the end of Harapan rule.
Patience is a virtue. The ball is in Anwar Ibrahim's court to see the transition through and he is on record as saying that he is willing to give Mahathir more time. So, how does one expect DAP to hasten the date? 
There are few complaints against the DAP ministers and by and large, they are performing well in the execution of their duties. It is not proper to criticise the party for adopting a compromising stand as this is the glue that holds divergent political parties together.
I believe many political parties outside the coalition, especially in East Malaysia are also waiting for the transition to be over before throwing their lot in with Harapan and Anwar. When this happens, new opportunities to strengthen mutual racial and religious respect will come to the fore. 
If a deputy prime minister is appointed from East Malaysia, as said by Anwar in the past if the need arises, the local religious fanatics will see their voice and influence wane. 
Of course, some may say we can’t wait that long but then we waited for decades for this change of government. Are we to throw away everything just because some can’t have their own way and have become impatient? 
Have faith for faith can move mountains. - Mkini

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