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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Mat Sabu: Amanah polls similar to DAP, top posts decided by elected committee members

KUALA LUMPUR: The election of Parti Amanah Negara's top office bearers would be similar to DAP, says Mohamad Sabu.
The Amanah president said the delegates would only elect a group of 27 Amanah national leadership committee members during the party polls on Friday (Dec 6) night.
"The top 27 candidates who secure the highest votes would form the national leadership committee.
"And this new committee would then decide who should hold the top posts, including the presidency," he said.
He said this after chairing a meeting with the newly elected Wanita Muda Amanah Nasional (Warda) office bearers at the party headquarters here Sunday (Dec 1).
Amanah's convention would be held in Shah Alam on Dec 6.
"Any member can contest the 27 national leadership committee posts. But upon winning, they must do their best to serve the party instead of chasing positions," he said.
Mohamad Sabu, who is also the Defence Minister, denied claims that Pakatan Harapan had failed to fulfil its election promises.
"During the short period of time (since wresting control of Putrajaya in May last year), we have already fulfilled 52% of the Pakatan manifesto.
"We need to go down to the ground to explain to the rakyat all the promises that have been implemented.
"The Opposition is controlling social media and the people are being unduly influenced," he added.
On the turmoil in PKR, Mohamad Sabu hoped the leaders would overcome internal frictions soon.- Star


  1. We the sworn slaves of DAP, will abide by the command of our Master and Savior, the Great Leader Lims. If we let the members vote the office bearers, for sure all the top leadership will lose, as already evident in all our divisional meetings. So to save face, we follow our Great Masters' advice to appoint the top leadership posts.

  2. Terang2 PAN ini Pecacai DAPIGS (versi Islam /MELAYU ) .
    PAN Ni Singkatan "Pecacai Angkat Naj*s" ,Tindakan mereka selalu sealiran dengan DAP tuan Besar bagi Mat Syabu