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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

PIA special flight brings home hundreds of Pakistanis from Malaysia

Some foreigners who had overstayed rounded up during an immigration raid.
PETALING JAYA: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flew home 250 illegals who had overstayed in Malaysia today, a news report said.
The Business Recorder said they had taken advantage of the four-month “Back For Good” (B4G) amnesty exercise by the Immigration Department, which ended today.
It said most of these Pakistanis had overstayed after the expiry of visas.
The report said Zulfi Bukhari, special assistant to the prime minister, had instructed the Pakistani high commission to mobilise all resources to bring back as many Pakistanis as possible after registering them under the amnesty scheme.
The news report said 8,190 Pakistanis had so far been released by Malaysian authorities.
Under the B4G programme, foreigners who had overstayed had to pay a compound fine of RM700 and show valid flight tickets for them to return to their countries of origin.
Khairul Dzaimee Daud.
In a New Year message posted on Facebook today, immigration director-general Khairul Dzaimee Daud said more than 180,000 foreigners had taken advantage of this B4G programme.
He said enforcement action to flush out those remaining in the country will begin tomorrow.
He said he intended to round up at least 70,000 illegals in 2020 through sustained operations.
Khairul said in 2020, his department will improve over-the-counter services and its administrative efficiency through the full implementation of its e-payment system in June and the National Integrated Immigration System (NIISE).
He said in 2019, the department had smashed several document forgery syndicates and increased prosecution against employers of undocumented migrants as well as those involved in human trafficking.- FMT

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