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Monday, January 13, 2020

IGP says all suspects detained at ‘private drug party’ released on police bail except for a foreigner

PETALING JAYA: All of those detained in a "private drug party" in Puchong have been released on police bail except for a foreigner, says Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador.
The Inspector-General of Police said the 16 others released were 11 men and five women after police had settled initial investigations.
"Sixteen of them tested positive for drug consumption, except for one man.
"However, I will not release the names of those detained as investigations are still underway and we are waiting for the second set of tests of the urine samples," he told a special press conference in Bukit Aman on Monday (Jan 13).
Asked whether a state assemblyman was among those arrested, Abdul Hamid said it would suffice for him to say an operation had been conducted, dozens were arrested and police will conduct further testing.
On whether those arrested belonged to a political party, he said he will not comment on the matter.
"It would be sub judice for me to name those arrested. We are going through the requirement of the law that we are not supposed to name them," said the IGP.
Touching on the arrest, Abdul Hamid said police from Brickfields went to the condominium after residents complained of loud noises at about 4.40am on Sunday (Jan 12).
"When police personnel arrived at the scene, they discovered all 17 people were in a daze and in the midst of partying.
"Upon further inspection, the policemen discovered a transparent plastic packet containing powder believed to be ketamine as well as a glass plate with some traces of powder believed to be ketamine.
They also discovered a suspected ganja cigarette," he added.
Police also seized a deck of cards and several chips, believed to be used for gambling.
Statements have been recorded from the suspects, said Abdul Hamid.
"I know that there are many aspects being discussed on social media but let police investigate the matter thoroughly.
"On the issue of the war against drugs, there is no compromise," he added.
Asked on who owned the condominium used by the suspects, he said police were in the midst of investigating the matter.
"It is still too early for me to comment further on this case," said the IGP. - Star

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