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Sunday, March 29, 2020

No negativity for this positive family

Spirits up: Dr Samsu Ambia and his family posing for a photo in quarantine at the Teluk Intan Hospital.
PETALING JAYA: A family of seven who tested positive for Covid-19, and whose cheerful Tik Tok video went viral, intends to make the best of their time while being quarantined at the Teluk Intan Hospital. It’s already been a week since
the family of Teluk Intan Hospital Emergency and Trauma Department head Dr Samsu
Ambia Ismail had been warded together.
With him are his wife Mazrieni Mahd Zaki, 39, their five children – daughters Erika Syamim (18), Elisya Syamim (15), Edrieba Syamim (13), Eryna Syamim (11) and son Eiman Syamim (8). With each other for company and keeping themselves busy making Tik Tok videos – while keeping up to date on the “outside world” via the Internet – the family has now become a social media sensation for being so upbeat.
Speaking to The Star by phone from the ward, Dr Samsu Ambia and Mazrieni said they hope their family would all be discharged.
“I do not blame anyone and we thank everyone – from the specialist to the odd worker – taking care of us – as every one is a warrior in this battle, ” said Dr Samsu Ambia.
Teluk Intan Hospital is the worst infected hospital in the country with 37 staff having tested positive for Covid-19.
Mazrieni is relieved that her children are all doing fine.
“I hope that we’ll get to go through this as a family and be discharged from the hospital as a family too. “We hope that the Tik Tok video of us that everyone is seeing on
@errikaaaaaaaa becomes an inspiration and helps other patients to feel better and stronger as they battle the virus, ” said the homemaker.
Eldest child Erika said that except for their father, all of them were “fine with mild symptoms”.
Her father, she said, found it hard to swallow and had trouble eating as well as taking his medicine.“It is boring being stuck here but as long as we are together, we can be very ‘happening’ and can have fun.
“I feel bad for those stuck in quarantine and cannot be with their families. I pray those people stay strong.
“For us, even if we feel sickly, the siblings would try to hype the situation to cheer everyone up.
“In here, we can either watch YouTube all day, play games together or fight with each other like what siblings normally do.
“We love making videos. We don’t really post them anywhere except for that one I posted on Twitter, ” she said.
Erika said the family had a routine which included praying and reading the Quran.
She added that the family usually returned to their home state in Kelantan during school holidays but they delayed their return when her father got ill.
She said her father’s first test for Covid-19 was negative.
“After a few more days, he kept getting sick and he did the test again, only to find he was positive.
“Then they tested us and found we were all positive. It wasn’t really a shock to us, as we already expected it, ” said Erika. - Star

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