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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Pos Malaysia denies viral message claiming postal staff spreading Covid-19


CORONAVIRUS | Pos Malaysia is denying a viral message claiming postal workers were agents spreading coronavirus.
A spokesperson for the national postal service said the company viewed such allegations, which were circulating online, seriously and reported the matter to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).
“It (the viral message) is not true. It has bad intentions to create fear among the community towards postmen on duty during Covid-19.
“Pos Malaysia had lodged a report with the MCMC for further action to be taken against those spreading false news,” the spokesperson told Malaysiakini.
This is about a voice message circulating on Whatsapp claiming that postal workers on duty were agents spreading the deadly Covid-19 and cautioned people when receiving letters being delivered.
Worse, it was alleged the message was by Hospital Sungai Buloh's former Infectious Diseases Unit head Dr Christopher Lee. The latter had just been named the head of the Covid-19 Mortality Review Committee.
This comes as the country knuckles down in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus which to date has infected 2,135 people in the country and killed 26 others.
The government had imposed a strict movement control order from March 18 to April 14, allowing only essential services, including medical and postal, to continue operating.
Pos Malaysia today expressed hope such allegations against its staff working for the public during the outbreak would cease.
It assured the public it was always keeping abreast of the situation and was constantly ensuring the safety of its employees.
“It (the allegation) clearly had bad intentions against postal workers on duty during this hard time.
“Up to now, the postal workers on duty on the field have been carrying out their duties well and have been adhering to the guidelines set,” the spokesperson added.
Meanwhile, Lee has confirmed that the voice recording was not true and stated that the Health Ministry has since denied it on social media. - Mkini

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