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Sunday, May 31, 2020


‘The take-home message is to learn from Harapan’s mistakes.’
Anonymous 2043581479977820: Former minister Khalid Samad, no need for the suspense. Just announce that it is Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He is the only person with enough clout to get majority support.
I don’t think Harapan can ignore the Malay agenda totally. So Anwar will need to balance that with multiracialism and reforms.
We need Mahathir to ensure the likes of the 1MDB culprits and the others facing trial on a multitude of charges get their day in court and let the judicial process proceed unimpeded.
The process should largely be done before GE15 comes along in two and a half years’ time. So a good juncture for Anwar to take over on his own mandate.
I always maintain that Anwar needs to get his own mandate otherwise he will also be labelled as a backdoor PM. Remember, Anwar played no part in the campaign for GE14.
Harapan, do not screw up again this time by vacillating between Mahathir and Anwar.
Jeez: If the PM candidate is Mahathir, Harapan is a basket case. A case of hoping for the hopeless. What does it take for Harapan leaders to face reality after being stabbed in the back time and again?
Mahathir has lost all the trust of the rakyat. We will not allow him to toy with our future and the fate of this country. He has done tremendous damage to the nation and he has transformed Umno into the monster it is today.
Mortality: Save us the mystery, Khalid. The fact that you dare not reveal the identity of the PM candidate shows a complete lack of confidence.
But, well, it is as should be. “Tumpas” (UmnoPAS) will floor you folks in the coming GE15. Khalid, you have no response to their race-and-religion platform.
The rakyat have also seen Harapan being neither here nor there during the time you were in power. All of you were like stooges following the dictates of the naked emperor.
Anonymous_1371702215: Khalid, the take-home message is to learn from Harapan’s mistakes.
We gave you this country on a platter and all of you screwed up. You allow the barbarians at the gate to enter. You didn’t stop the infighting and was carried away by the giddy heights of power. You became arrogant and allowed the Trojan horse to breach the fortress.
Most of all, you forgot the aspirations of the rakyat. Do you realise how despondent and betrayed we feel? Stick to your manifesto, no U-turns and no more concentration of power in the hands of one man.
Mahathir needs to be boxed in so that he never dances with the devil again.
Newday: Why keep this announcement of who the PM candidate is a secret? The only reason is that the PM candidate is quite unpalatable to the voters.
My bet is they are still flogging that dead horse – Anwar. No matter how much flogging Harapan does with that one, a dead horse is still a dead horse and you can tell the election goodbye.
Milshah: Just stick to the earlier agreement – Mahathir to be PM-9 and then Anwar as PM-10. The reason? For practical purposes, Anwar still does not have the necessary support needed to be PM.
You need Mahathir to fight the Umno-PAS-Bersatu combo. It is a win-win solution for everyone. Anwar just needs to be a bit more patient.
Remember, this situation would not have happened had the Harapan presidential council maintained its support for Mahathir as the PM.
Anonymous 2405191458063842: The old fox cannot be trusted. It is time he rests at home; he is soon to be 100. You forgot what was leaked out at the Bersatu meeting?
“Saya tak suka DAP, saya tak suka Anwar.” (I don’t like DAP, I don’t like Anwar).
Why deal with him again? He is like a poisonous snake.
Anonymous 2405191458063842: Look at the root of the problem first. Sixty-years of planting the seed of hatred against the Chinese minorities and DAP. As a result, the majority of Malays get involuntary spasms just hearing the word “DAP”.
If Harapan gets back into power, Umno and PAS will again go on to demonise DAP and that the Chinese have taken over the country, and the Malay PM is a puppet of the Chinese.
These Malays in Umno and PAS, together with their cyber troopers – even those in far off Manchester – will be shouting again the Malays will be driven out of their “own” country. So think about the root of the problem.
Kural: The ordinary person on the street with basic common sense knows by now that a single individual dominating the Malay leadership vested with the power to govern largely unchecked has proven to be a pathetic disappointment in responsible leadership at national governance.
Evidence seems aplenty that Mahathir and Najib Razak’s leadership went astray in not achieving sound and sustainable national development benchmarks and outcomes.
It would, therefore, seem pointless to argue that the next election should not be focused on contesting on the back of one individual, whoever that super Malay is.
Would it not be better if the present strife-ridden political parties are somehow able to both cull the undesirable elements in present-day politics and in infusing a stronger sense of moral values to elected office and collective responsibility at governance.
BN proved a disappointment for some decades and many present-day individuals within its component units should have no future promises either – what with a notorious baggage. Unless BN reinvents itself through an internal revolution, it should remain disadvantaged due to its past betrayals.
Harapan seemingly had the potential to emerge as a responsible, committed and public creditworthy governance instrument but was subverted by some of its very leaders who could not think out of the parochial notions laden boxes.

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