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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Third audio recording of Bersatu meeting surfaces, supposedly of Muhyiddin wanting to join forces with Umno

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. - MOHD SAHAR MISNI/The Star
PETALING JAYA: A third audio recording, allegedly of a Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia meeting that occurred before Malaysia's political turmoil in February, is making its rounds on social media.
The voice of a man, who is supposedly Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, was heard proposing in the meeting that allegedly took place on Feb 23, for Bersatu to join forces with Umno to form the largest political party in the country.
"There are more than 30 Umno MPs. Why don't we meet and tell them 'let's form the government, why don't you come and join Bersatu?'
"With Bersatu, there would be about 40 over MPs – we will be the largest political party," says the man in the two-minute-long recording posted on a pro-Dr Mahathir Facebook page.
He also said that this was the "scheme of things" that the party needed to follow to shore up political influence.
"What is the difference between them joining Bersatu or remaining in Umno?
"If we go ahead with this, perhaps a portion of (Umno MPs) will join Bersatu – and some have already joined Bersatu. Then Bersatu will be the 'enlarged party'.
"With (over) 40 MPs that we have, we will be the single largest Malay ruling party in the country," he said.
The proposal to unite with Umno was met with loud cheers from others in the recording.
The man also said that the plan could be executed with Bersatu leaders approaching Umno members – including former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak – and offering them positions in the new government.
"If they know that the new government is going to be formed, Umno can come in. (We can say) 'Why don't you come in now? Why don't you join us now rather than later?'
"If that is what we do, we could have another 10,20 members – with Najib and his supporters.
"And we'll give them positions. If they can't be ministers, they can be chairmen of GLCs (government-linked corporations)," he said.
The man was heard saying that it was unlikely Umno would turn down the deal because they "want to be part of the government" instead of being part of the opposition.
He added that it was better to follow this plan, or else Umno would have the upper hand.
Previously, two other alleged leaked recordings of a Bersatu meeting had surfaced on social media.
The first audio recording was allegedly of Muhyiddin saying that Dr Mahathir could be entrusted with the mandate to pull Bersatu out of the Pakatan Harapan coalition, and that his decision cannot be disputed.
In the second leaked audio recording, a voice allegedly that of Dr Mahathir was heard pleading with others not to force him to go against his principles. - Star

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