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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Mahathir shot himself in foot


Tun Has Met His “Waterloo” On 24th Feb
by Matthias Chang

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Dear Good People (MP)

I have decided and I urge all of you to ignore Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his infantile attempt to have a sit-in at Bersatu headquarters to gain some cheap publicity and provoke unrest when all of us are pre-occupied with the hideous threat of Covid-19. But, Tun, Mukhriz and his minuscule band of political goons are not bothered. Either they have power or they will try to mess up the country. They will failed painfully and Tun will depart as a bitter man, full of anger and hatred. So be it, as he has chosen that path.

I have stated many times that Tun has met his “Waterloo” on the day he resigned as PM on 24.2.2020.

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Tun is not only senile but totally delusional and, on a daily basis, Tun is exhibiting the trait of a man consumed by anger, frustration and disbelief that DYMM Agong did not appoint him as PM (even when he stridently insisted to resign as PM) but appointed TSMY in his stead. TUN’S arrogance can be summed as as, “How dare Agong appoint TSMY when it is my RIGHT to be PM.”

Tun’s bloated ego was deflated when his baseless expectation that the country will clamour for him to remain in power failed to materialise. Zilch! Believe me, Tun was shattered politically, emotionally and psychologically. The rejection was compounded by the fact that he could not do anything as a result of MCO, but brood and brood, plot and plot for the pound of political flesh as vengeance would not be enough.

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Consumed by his misplaced assumption of indispensability and utter contempt for any politician who dare question his “power”, Tun openly displayed his DARK SIDE – that he alone will decide who would be the future PM and the country MUST ADHERE to his decisions.

Either HIS way or NO way at all, even at the expense of the country’s survival. And if he goes down, then everything must go down with him. After all, he is already 95 and by his own repeated admission, conceded he won’t be around much longer.

If you love the country, then we must unite and ensure that the Two M Dynastic Vision (Mahathir and Muhkriz) cannot take roots even in Kedah.

Soon, he will face his ugly Karma. Be assured!

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