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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

If they can jump once they can also jump twice.


MP sees little hope for "disunited" PH to win prompting him to desert 
"Do you think Harapan has a chance 
There is no way for Harapan to reclaim Putrajaya 
problem lies within the disunited opposition 
differences among Dr M, Pintu Belakang and Shafie Apdal
unlikely for them to support either one of them as leader 

OSTB :  Meanwhile Pintu Belakang says PH still has the majority. Despite two MPs defecting. Why does he say that? Tak tahu kira kah?

The PN can lose its perch if say the defecting MPs switch sides again. 

The law does not prevent switching allegiances in Parliament. 

So it is not a crime to jump ships. 

Remember they are Pintu Belakang's people.  

If they can jump once, they can also jump twice. 

I have a question, if there is an Anti Hopping Law, how do you apply the Anti Hopping Law to independent candidates? 

Say 10 independent candidates win Parliamentary seats, how do you apply the Anti Hopping Law to them? They can support or not support any faction in Parliament. There is no law that can prevent an independent from contesting in any election.   

The biggest loser in all this is going to be the Umno boss. 

Because once the Emergency is over (on August 1st or earlier) and there is a headcount, it is most likely that the majority of UMNO MPs will vote to remain with PN. 

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