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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Anwar: Audio clip is latest ploy by govt after failing to buy support


PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has denied he was in a phone call with Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and said a recording of the conversation which has gone viral was the work of the government spreading lies.

He said the audio clip was released in an attempt by the government to stir up conflict among Umno leaders after failing to buy them over.

"Tonight, not only do I want to refute (the authenticity of the recording), but it's clear that the country's leadership is worried and will use any tricks, threats, and bribes.

"When those fail, they spread lies," he said during a PKR event in Selangor this evening.

Since last night, the four-minute audio clip has been making the rounds. In it, a person who sounded like Anwar praised a person who sounded like Zahid over the latter's handling of the Umno general assembly.

Zahid also denied the authenticity of the recording and said an officer of his would lodge a police report.

Anwar said an officer of his will also be filing a police report on the issue and claimed that the recording was meant to deepen rifts among Umno leaders.

"I want to say, this (audio recording) is to use us to fight Umno, to use the purported conversation between me and Zahid for Bersatu to 'stab' Umno leaders.

"But there is someone whose voice sounds like mine... Obviously, there's an attempt to slander using sophisticated means," he said.

Anwar also said that DAP and Amanah remain loyal friends with PKR who will not be affected by this "slander".

Last month, in an interview with Utusan MalaysiaAnwar admitted that PKR and Umno had informal meetings to discuss cooperation.

Subsequently, in a media conference, Anwar explained that despite the discussion, it is too early to come to a decision on how the two parties would cooperate.

PKR vice-president Chang Lih Kang also confirmed that his party was in early talks with Umno.

However, during the recently concluded Umno general assembly, Zahid said his party would not work with Anwar or DAP. - Mkini

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