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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Don’t force motorcycle buyers to take loans, warns ministry


Deputy minister Rosol Wahid said some motorcycle shops may be working in cahoots with financial institutions to earn more in interest. (Facebook pic)

KUALA TERENGGANU: Motorcycle shops have been warned against forcing buyers to take out hire purchase loans even if the customers insist on cash terms.

Deputy domestic trade and consumer affairs minister Rosol Wahid said his officers were monitoring motorcycle sales around the Klang Valley, following complaints that customers were apparently finding it difficult to buy in cash.

“Recently, I have received complaints from customers who say they find it difficult to buy motorcycles in cash, because sellers prefer their customers to purchase them in instalments,” he told reporters after officiating the Terengganu state-level Franchise Bay Tour Programme here today.

Bernama reported him as saying the ministry would investigate if traders were putting undue pressure on customers.

“There may be offences (committed) that we can take action against, especially if traders set different prices for the purchase of motorcycles in cash and hire purchase.”

He added that apart from keeping the people away from the burden of debt, he also did not want them to be saddled with interest payments, adding that this could be an alliance between the motor companies and financial institutions.

“Imagine if there is a charge of 5% or 8% interest over five years. How much will they earn (compared to the cash deal)?” - FMT

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