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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Home Minister has no power to meddle in police affairs, says MP


Pasir Gudang MP Hassan Abdul Karim today urged the Home Minister to retract his order for the inspector-general of police (IGP) to postpone the transfers of several senior police officers.

He said the minister has no right and no authority to meddle in police affairs.

"I received information that the IGP made a decision to transfer senior police officers as stipulated in the law, which provides him with the power to command and control the police force as an officer appointed by the king.

"Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin has no power under the law to postpone, let alone to defer the decisions that the police chief has made.

"I look at this attempt by the home minister as something serious. Although the country is now in a state of emergency and the Parliament is suspended, it does not mean the home minister has the power beyond what has been provided by the law that he can usurp the IGP's jurisdiction," Hassan (above) said in a statement.

The PKR leader pointed to recent revelations by IGP Abdul Hamid Bador about the existence of a "cartel" in the police force and that the country has become a target for international drug cartels as a transit point.

"As an MP, I would like to advise the home minister to retract his order to the IGP. The IGP must be given the room and support to combat crime in this country and make the police force able to function professionally with integrity as an agency that protects the country's security," Hassan said.

According to media reports, a message went viral on Facebook yesterday alleging there was interference in a police transfer exercise.

The message claimed that transfers of officers ordered by the IGP had been postponed under the order of the minister in charge of home affairs.

Today, Abdul Hamid reportedly told reporters he would be meeting Hamzah soon to proceed with the plan and to explain his action in issuing the order. - Mkini

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