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Friday, April 23, 2021

YOURSAY | Public fury over emergency only from Malays?


YOURSAY | ‘I am tickled that Mahathir is using an analogy which is race-slanted to mask his own agenda.’

Mahathir, others seek audience with Agong over public fury on emergency

Annonnymous 080: "It is quite clear that a large number of Malays are now angry because they are suffering due to the emergency," said former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

I am tickled that Mahathir is using an analogy that is race-slanted to mask his own agenda. Aren’t the Kadazan, Iban, Melanau, Orang Asli, Chinese and Indian communities amongst those who have suffered too from this pandemic-induced emergency?

If only he hadn't resigned, he would not need to protest in front of the palace.

IndigoTrout2522: Why are only Malays angry over the emergency as claimed by Mahathir? Does this mean other races are not angry?

That said, which group is angrier - the ordinary folks or the politicians with an agenda?

Pokokelapa: I am not sure if many Malays are unhappy, but I know Malaysians are unhappy. Now it has to be verified if the unhappiness is with the emergency, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s government or both.

Again, Mahathir has gone to the palace with a mixed entourage, either for his own agenda or for the people's well-being.

On the other hand, this is the second time the petition is being delivered. There was no response from the palace on the first one. Any reasons? Will there be a response this time around?

I presume that the Agong will hold his stand that there is no restriction of Parliament convening and the reason for the emergency was to control the pandemic. We have to wait and see.

FairMalaysian: There is a reason why the Constitution requires that the king, and only the king, can proclaim an emergency.

This is a heavy responsibility bestowed upon the ruler and what starts at his doorstep ends at his doorstep too. He cannot proclaim an emergency and then go on to say that he has nothing to do with it. That simply defies even simple logic and reason.

Otherwise, the Constitution may have been just written with such an authority with the PM. No, the PM can advise but it is the king who has the constitutional authority. So, if anything goes wrong, the king has to bear the responsibility.

Manjit Bhatia: Quote: "The former premier said the way the emergency was declared made it look as though it was done at the Agong's behest and hence any criticism of the move was being treated by some as an act of treason."

This is rubbish. This is Mahathir spinning a falsehood. This is Mahathir making a very bad situation much worse. Nobody in their right mind thinks Muhyiddin’s emergency was conducted at the behest of the king.

But how did it come to be? The excuse might have been Covid-19 but that would be too convenient.

In the lead-up from the first rejection to the acceptance afterwards, and since, Muhyiddin has been under siege to hold his illegitimate regime together, before he began to buy loyalty within his ranks and the opposition.

His emergency and his pathetically vague and contradictory standard operating procedures have done extraordinary damage to the economy, foreign investment, society, its mental health and absent governance including Parliament's suspension.

So much so there are zero real policies, zero accountability and zero responsibility from the Perikatan Nasional (PN) regime of incompetent ministers and their senior bureaucrats.

Somebody needs to take on Mahathir as much as Muhyiddin directly before the two wreak more havoc on Malaysia.

Mazilamani: True, we are going through a challenging time, but will a political restructuring or resumption of Parliament session at this point of time contribute to an immediate economic recovery for the country?

This group of politicians - Langkawi MP Mahathir, Kota Raja MP Mohamad Sabu and Shah Alam MP Khalid Abdul Samad - has yet to inform the rakyat about the proposals submitted to the Agong.

We have the right to know about their proposals and we want to know who will be the next PM and which are the parties involved.

The other question to be asked - is this group planning or pressing for a fresh general election? Are we now in the right condition given the Covid-19 pandemic to get the rakyat to the polling stations?

Don't use the rakyat as an excuse to achieve your personal and political intentions.

Mat M Din: Let the status quo stay, do not rock the boat. Nobody has the magic wand to better the fluid political and pandemic situation that has ravaged the country now.

If the opposition succeeds in toppling the government and forms a new one, the new government will not be strong enough to last long.

Looking at the uncertain political situation and the internal strife in the opposition parties, the new government will be a weak minority government and will not be better than the government it replaces. The bad situation will remain bad.

Being a weak government, it will open opportunities for unscrupulous opportunistic MPs to jump ship, looking for better offers to switch parties. Seasoned political leaders should be able to foresee the likely consequences that will happen and not remain blind.

RR: The question is, why were some senior opposition leaders not in the delegation to see the Agong? The Agong may pose the same question.

I hope there is no division within the opposition.

Anonymous123456: The view of most Malaysians is that the state emergency is unwarranted.

Besides, the declaration of emergency has created a myriad of negative perceptions on the country which is very bad for our economic recovery.

Hmmmmmmmm: Why has Parliament not reconvened now that all the MPs have been vaccinated? They don't have faith in the vaccines? But they want the rest of the country to trust the vaccines?

They should lead by example by showing the rest of the country that they can now go back to doing their job after their vaccination. The proof is in the pudding. - Mkini

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