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Monday, May 3, 2021

Article about woman in dilapidated house defamed me, says Perak rep


A screenshot from a video published by the portal containing an interview with 85-year-old Rofiah Abdulrosid about her deplorable living conditions.

PETALING JAYA: A Perak assemblyman has lodged a police report saying he had been defamed by article in an online news portal about an old woman living in dilapidated conditions, which he said had implicated him.

The article was about 85-year-old Rofiah Abdulrosid, living in a wooden house in Kuala Kurau. In a video published by the portal, she had spoken of how the house had been eaten away by termites, with the house constantly getting flooded whenever it rained due to a leaking roof.

She also told the portal that no elected representative had visited to give any aid, despite her difficult circumstances.

The article and video led to netizens criticising the Perak Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council and Kuala Krau assemblyman Abdul Yunus Jamahri for failing to help the woman.

Bernama quoted Abdul Yunus as saying the article made him look like he did not care for senior citizens, while painting him and other government agencies in a bad light.

Abdul Yunus is the state executive councillor responsible for domestic trade and consumer affairs, national integration and civil society

A photo of a new house which assemblyman Abdul Yunus Jamahri said had been provided to Rofiah’s family. (Facebook pic)

He said that the woman, Rofiah Abdulrosid, had received a new house from the rural and regional development ministry in February last year.

“However, the woman refused to move to her new house, which led to several quarters taking advantage and manipulating her life story living in a dilapidated house,” he said after filing the report at the Kerian police headquarters this morning.

He added that he would consult his lawyers on filing a legal suit against the news portal and the journalist involved for tarnishing his reputation. However, he said he would welcome a public apology from the portal.

In a Facebook post earlier today, Abdul Yunus explained that her current house was beyond repair and that it was proposed a new house would be built to replace it. Her son, Supian Samsuri, was the head of the household and had been living with her in 2019.

Due to a complication involving the ownership of the land the house stood on, a new home was built at a different location nearby. He said Supian and his family moved in and were living comfortably, although Rofiah refused to relocate.

“About her living expenses, Ropiah has children who are capable of providing for her needs, including Supian who earns a good amount of money while cultivating paddy fields.

“Supian’s wife also runs an online business and, according to their financial statement, they have enough to provide for the family’s needs,” he said. - FMT

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