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Monday, December 6, 2021

Anwar: Campaign rules not 'evidence-based', disappointing


SARAWAK POLLS | PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said the campaigning rules for the Sarawak election were disappointing and not evidence-based.

In a statement today, Anwar said the rules should have been formulated together with all the parties, but this was not done.

"There have to be some critical discussions on the rules. I don't see any concrete reasons (for the rules).

"It should be based on facts and medical evidence," said Anwar (above).

According to the Election Commission's rules, candidates are not allowed to conduct electioneering activities outside their constituencies.

Earlier today, Sibu MP Oscar Ling pointed out how this rule was absurd because the Sibu area has several state constituencies and voter mobility meant that they may not necessarily reside or work within the constituency.

 "For example, our central market is in the Bawang Assan constituency and people come from all over Sibu. If only the Bawang Assan candidate can campaign there, it is unfair.

"We urge the authorities to nullify this rule," said Ling.

He said the rule will also waste resources because it bars candidates from campaigning together.

According to the EC, parties can seek a travel restriction exception for 15 party members.

However, only five will be allowed to be in a constituency at any given time.

Other rules include a ban on election rallies (ceramah) except in areas with poor internet coverage.

Meanwhile, Anwar said he had expected the rules for the Sarawak election to be improved after the Malacca election last month.

"The authorities said they will study the impact of the rules (for the Malacca election). That study has not been published.

"What is the latest on guaranteed access to media coverage by all political parties and candidates?" asked Anwar.

 - Mkini

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