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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

PKR pushes for ‘zero logging’ and ‘no dams’ in Baram


Baram, 250km from Kuching, is the site of the controversial Baram dam project that was cancelled.

KUCHING: Three PKR candidates contesting in state seats that are part of the Baram parliamentary constituency have pledged to push a “zero logging” and “no dams” policy.

Baram, some 250km from the capital city of Kuching, is the site of the controversial Baram dam project that was cancelled.

The project had, in the past, raised fears of environmental destruction and displaced native communities in the area.

In a statement today, Roland Engan (Mulu), Philip Jau Ding (Telang Usan) and Elias Lipi Mat (Marudi) said Baram was rich in natural resources though this has been exploited by the elites at the expense of the normal citizens who still lack access to basic infrastructure.

So, they said, they will fight for a “zero logging” and “no dams” policy which is critical to prevent environmental destruction and land erosion which have led to floods in the area in recent years.

“We will push for a reforestation policy that can generate revenue for the people of Baram through a carbon credit scheme.”

The trio also pledged to reform native customary rights (NCR) land ownership, provide better infrastructure especially access to clean piped water, electricity, roads and internet connectivity, and health facilities, among others.

The Mulu, Telang Usan and Marudi seats are currently held by Gabungan Parti Sarawak. - FMT

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