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Friday, May 13, 2022

China Is No 1 In Space

 To all of you readers of this blog and all other human beings do not despair too much about the future. 

There is a lot of gloom and doom going around in the world but only with the dumb and dumber. If you are dumb you are doomed. There is also plenty of gloom and doom in our country right now. But again it applies mostly to the dumb. Dumb and doom go together.

There is also plenty of crap being posted everyday as 'news' including in 'highly credible and well respected' media like the BBC, the New York Times, CNN etc. Plenty of it is just bullshit. 

Did you know that everyday, as you are reading this, about 100 million cubic meters of natural gas is piped everyday from Russia to all of Europe? Despite the so called trade sanctions against Russia.

And plenty of the Russian gas pipelines carry gas from Russia to Europe via Ukraine. Here is a map of Russian gas pipelines (all those red lines) running through Ukraine to Europe :

Despite a war going on and despite all these gas pipelines being located in "enemy territory" the Russians have not bombed, attacked or shut down any of these gas pipeleines running through Ukraine. All these pipelines are pumping gas to their maximum capacity everyday without any interruption. 

But two days ago President Zelenskiye of Ukraine ordered that one of these major pipelines, running through a city called Kherson in Ukraine, be shut down. You can see the map here:


This immediately caused the daily supply of Russian gas to Western Europe to be cut by about 25% (about 22 million cubic meters by volume) and so the prices of gas spiked again two days ago.

So the Russians had to take emergency action to reroute the 22 million cubic meters of gas through other gas pipelines running to Europe.  Otherwise Western Europe will be 25% short of gas from Russia.

Likewise the western media (and the Indian media) reports almost warlike tensions between India and China everyday - without fail. As though Chinese troops and Indian soldiers are getting ready to start a shooting war at any instant. But China rarely or never says anything about India.

Here is something quite impossible to believe. Despite India producing so much computer software for the world the Indians CANNOT manufacture even one microchip in India. (Because each micro-chip plant costs Billions of US dollars which the Indians do not have.) So India imports all their microchips from overseas - about US$21 Billion worth. And of this amount, about 1/3 or US$7 Billion is imported from China. So if India goes to war with China they will lose 1/3 of their micro-chip supplies. The Indian economy will grind down considerably.  I dont think the Indians are that dumb.

The rascals in all this fear mongering and nasty behaviour are of course the British and their pointer dog the Americans.

Have you noticed how the British and the Americans always act together - as though they are Siamese twins.  Actually the Brits have long been able to manouevre the Americans to do their bidding.

In 2011 the Americans (and the Europeans/Brits) shut out China from access to the International Space Station or ISS. Just like that, with no good reason. After so many years of close cooperation in space between many nations.  The other partner in the ISS (meaning they contribute billions to maintain that space station) are the Russians.  But since the Americans and Brits have now demonised the Russians the ISS which is quite old and creaky will likely stop functioning altogether.

The Chinese did not stop there. They went ahead and launched their own space station - the Tianggong Space Station (Heavenly Abode).

The picture below shows the inside of the ultra modern and technologically superior Chinese space station. 



And below here is a picture of the inside of the old American / European International Space Station.


You can see the differences.  Below here are two more pictures comparing the Chinese (top) and the American/European Space Stations (below that).


Here is a YouTube video of the latest developments of the Chinese space station.


There are plenty of uses for space stations with real practical benefits for human beings here on earth.  Without all these space research we will not have GPS and you will not know how to drive to your mother's house.  When we were in Rome, my son was able to use his smartphone to give directions to the Italian taxi driver to take the quickest route to the airport.  That was so cool.

There are of course military uses as well.

Recently the Chinese scared the crap out of the Americans (and the British) when it was "leaked" out that Chinese satellites are able to "live stream" the exact locations of American aircraft carriers sailing anywhere in the world (according to the South China Morning Post).  Live stream means live telecast. This means they know the exact GPS coordinates of the American aircraft carriers at any time. Meaning those Chinese Dong Feng and other hypersonic missiles can take out the American carriers at any time. They are able to do this automatically 24/7 through AI (Artificial Intelligence) without the need for human observers.  And the Chinese are able to do this using about 3% of the memory capacity of some super duper computer chip they have invented.  

Today, Taiwan is one of the biggest investors in China totaling US$193.51 billion. In 2020, the value of China-Taiwan trade was US$166 billion. It is more likely that China and Taiwan may have a peaceful Chinese New Year family-reunion dinner sometime. These are the realities which the Americans / Brits do not like. 

 The views expressed are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.

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