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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Man fears that assaulted wife won’t get justice


A court interpreter, Fuza Nordin, suffered cuts, a fractured nose and bruises after an attack on May 18.

PETALING JAYA: The husband of a woman who was brutally assaulted in Klang is worried that his wife will not get justice as the suspect is believed to be a homeless man.

Hemi Mohd said that after news of the attack on May 18 went viral, hundreds of netizens reached out to him to express their sympathy and shared details about the suspect.

His wife Fuza Nordin’s nose was fractured and she had five stitches for cuts. She also suffered bruises on her face, cheek and forehead, and bleeding in her right eye.

“Several people told me this is not the first time that the suspect had caused a scene. He gets away scot-free because he’s considered mentally ill,” he told FMT.

Hemi said locals would usually avoid the area around the Centre Point building in Klang as it has a reputation for being frequented by drug addicts and homeless people.

Fuza, who is a court interpreter, had gone to the mall to have her phone repaired.

“As soon as she alighted from her car, the suspect came out of nowhere and kicked her from behind,” said Hemi. “When she fell down, he snatched a phone from her hand and hit her head repeatedly with it. My wife managed to kick him and fled towards the mall to seek help.”

According to a China Press report, the suspect bashed Fuza on the head 20 times and poked at her eyes.

Hemi, a taekwondo instructor at a private academy, said the suspect’s motive was unclear. “I teach self defence. I know if someone wants to rob you, they wouldn’t hit you repeatedly like that,” he said.

Klang police chief Vijaya Rao Samachulu said the police are still tracking down the suspect, with the case being investigated for attempted robbery.

He also previously confirmed that the suspect is a homeless man in his 40s.

A shop worker in the area, Amy Azman, told FMT that homeless folks there bought drugs from pushers using money donated by the public or whatever they earned from manning car parks.

“When they are high, they would do nasty things like burning down trees, kicking doors of the shops, or smashing cars’ side mirrors,” he said. - FMT

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