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Friday, August 12, 2022

Analyst: LTAT's LCS price argument like comparing Saga to Lambo


A defence analyst has called the Armed Forces Pension Fund (LTAT) chief unprofessional for trying to compare the price tags of littoral combat ships (LCS) procured by Malaysia to those made by the US.

Lam Choong Wah said this was not a fair comparison at all.

“He knew that (the LCS) are different, but he still made the comparison. He is being unprofessional.

“He just wanted to show that our LCS is cheaper than that in other countries… this is like comparing Proton Saga and Lamborghini, both are cars but really different,” Lam said.

On Tuesday, LTAT chief executive officer Ahmad Nazim Abdul Rahman argued that Malaysia’s LCS RM9 billion project was “cheap” as this meant each of the six ships ordered cost RM1.5 billion.

He said in comparison, a US-made LCS cost RM2.4 billion, while Egypt and the United Arab Emirates spent RM1.9 billion per ship.

Lam explained the reason the US vessels cost more is that they have more features.

He said the US-made LCS has a maximum speed of 74kph, three to four swappable combat mission modules and stealth capabilities.

On the other hand, the LCS being procured by Malaysia reportedly has a maximum speed of 51kph, is unable to swap combat mission modules, and isn’t big on stealth.

“Malaysia’s LCS has only one mission module,” Lam added.

Malaysia’s LCS procurement recently fell into the spotlight after the Public Accounts Committee published a report highlighting failures in the project.

The LCS project commenced in 2011 when the letter of award was given, and the first vessel was supposed to be delivered in 2019.

However, to this date, all six ships are still under construction.

Another issue raised was that the Defence Ministry ignored the navy’s wishes in choosing the LCS design. - Mkini

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