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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Auxiliary cops nabbed after allegedly extorting 'khalwat' couple


Two auxiliary police officers on duty at a shopping centre in Johor Bahru were arrested for allegedly extorting a couple yesterday.

South Johor Bahru district police chief Raub Selamat said the two officers, aged 25 and 32, were arrested at 9pm following a police report lodged by a 25-year-old man.

He claimed that he and his lover were caught in close proximity (khalwat) in a car behind the shopping centre at 10pm by the two auxiliary police, who then asked for RM500 from the couple to avoid being subjected to legal action.

"Since the complainant did not have enough cash, the duo asked him to hand over his automatic teller machine (ATM) card and pin number for them to withdraw the money themselves.

"Following that, the complainant was released and received a bank short message via mobile phone that there was a withdrawal of RM1,000 from his account," Raub said in a statement today.

The police also seized RM1,000 in cash during the arrest and two police personnel have been remanded for four days for further investigation.

He appealed to those with any information to contact the district police headquarters at 07-2182323 or senior investigating officer S Sivakumaran at 019-5127410.


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